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At least somebody’s plan is working…

Excellent Charley Reese piece (hm, suddenly I’m craving peanut butter-chocolate candies…) by way of oldwhitelady on how Bush is an ignorant, lying jackass who is going to destroy us all. Granted, that’s not news in itself, but there were a couple of bits I particularly liked:

Mr. Bush has gotten Teddy Roosevelt’s dictum exactly upside down. He shouts loudly and carries a small stick.

This is followed by an enumeration of the many ways in which Europe, Russia, India, China, and RussiaIndiaChina can eat our alleged-superpower lunch.

But the most chilling part for me was this:

One should remember what Osama bin Laden said. He did not say he would conquer us and convert us all to Islam. He said he would bankrupt us. If Bush gets us further mired in the Middle East by attacking Iran and Syria, as he seems likely to do, bin Laden might very well succeed. War is always a drain on the economy. War always produces death, destruction, debt and taxes.

Bin Laden and al Qaeda could never hope to defeat us in any conventional military sense, nor even to terrorize us to the point of surrender. But what they can do, and are doing with Bush and the Republicans’ enthusiastic assistance, is to steadily wear down the United States’ financial, political, and moral viability. Every day, we become less and less a shining beacon of democracy and free-market capitalism, and more and more a foolish, dysfunctional, theocratic, corporatist banana republic destined for the dustbin of history.

You cannot defeat your enemies by becoming them.

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Way, way back in the dim mists of prehistoric time, before there were MP3s or Furbies, I relied heavily on home-brewed 90-minute audio cassettes (I would compare them to videotapes for the youngsters’ benefit, but then I would have to explain what videotapes were). These fell into roughly three broad categories (yes, I like lists, deal with it):

1) Greatest hits compilations. I would borrow someone’s tape collection of a particular artist, and selectively record the songs I liked the most, which usually boiled down nicely to a 90-minute tape. Not sure how many of these I did, but I know I have a Police one and a Billy Joel one (yes, well – I still kinda like a lot of Billy Joel, to be honest), and possibly a B-52s one.

2) Radio mixes. Usually a single station, per tape, which made them quasi-thematic. Starting with easy listening dreck from WYNY in NYC (middle school), and concluding with awesome “modern rock” from Live 105 in SF (college), with interludes for oldies in Portland one summer, and Dr. Demento throughout high school.

3) Double-sided. In other words, an album on each side. Usually by the same artist, like Talking Heads or Depeche Mode, but every once in a while I would mix and match.

Featured double-sided tape of the day:
Side 1, Nilsson Schmilsson.
Side 2… Black Sabbath’s Greatest Hits.

Something in the dim recesses of my mind tells me I am going to Hell for this.

Anybody else have any bizarre audiotape anomalies to share with the group?

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We have a winner!

v. has correctly identified today’s movie quote as being from He Said, She Said, starring Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth Perkins. v. gets to pick next Friday’s quote, and will be available to answer questions and provide hints.

For a wider selection of movie quotes to guess at and replace with your own, you might want to give the Movie Quote Contest a try – they’re always looking for new blood.

(Trivia: the He Said, She Said quote was the first quote I ever posted there, way back in the days before there was registration or a moderator)

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