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Flat Statement Of Fact

If you claim that a war is worth fighting, and you are eligible to enlist but don’t, then you are either a liar, a coward, or both.

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Double-Sided, Side 2

Okay, Side 1 was an example of a completely incongruous pairing of albums, the Harry Nilsson and the Black Sabbath. For today’s Side 2, we have two relatively obscure but excellent albums paired together. This was one of my favorite tapes, but it tragically disappeared when I was in high school. Fortunately, thanks to the magic of MP3s, I now have all of its content back again.

Side 1: Thomas Dolby, One Of Our Submarines. I think most people think of Dolby as kind of a novelty act, with songs like “She Blinded Me With Science”, “Hyperactive”, and “Airhead”. One Of Our Submarines is a real album, with a coherent theme and sound which is very lyrical and haunting, especially songs like “Radio Silence”, “Europa And The Pirate Twins”, “Airwaves”, “Windpower”, and “Cloudburst At Shingle Street”.

Side 2: The Nails, Mood Swing. Again, The Nails are viewed as kind of a one-hit wonder novelty act because of “88 Lines About 44 Women” (also on Mood Swing), but this is another good album top to bottom, especially “White Wall”, which is grim and creepy (“They found him naked on the bed/His eyes were vacant, dark and dead”) but still rocks. Musically, “88 Lines” is pretty representative of the whole album, somewhere between new wave and rock, with dark, hollow vocals.

God, I miss the 80s.

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Saturday Night Blogpimping

I would like to take this opportunity to entreat my vast readership of three or four people to check out V’s new blog, called, surprisingly enough, Codename V. V’s first post is a most excellent deconstruction of the much-anticipated Anaconda sequel, Anacondas: The Hunt For The Blood Orchid, entitled “V. watches crap films so you don’t have to!”

Here is but a small sample:

Some general observations: films about really bigass gigantor snakes are possibly more interesting when seen on a bigass gigantor movie screen, and not my 20-something inch television. Also, character development was incredibly poor. I am not even sure how many characters there were, as several of them seemed to be different incarnations of the same one or two guys. I’m sure they all must have had names, but none of the characters were really fleshed out enough that I remembered what they were called. There was “pompous British asshole who wanted to Win At All Costs”, there was “rugged boat captain guy”, “cocky oversexed doctor”, etc.

Good stuff! I no longer have any need to see the movie, although I probably will anyway…

6 comments February 27th, 2005 at 01:12am Posted by Eli

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