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No-One Expects The Spammish Inquisition!

Our chief weapon is surprise. Surprise, and gibberish. Surprise, gibberish, and- I’ll come in again.

Godawful and useless as spam normally is, it does have some halfway decent entertainment potential. For example, there is Spamusement, which harnesses the power of spam to generate… really badly-drawn but hilarious cartoons.

And then there is one of the internet’s most purely dada-ist art forms, random word spam, in which words with absolutely no relation to each other are just thrown together for no apparent reason. I got one at work today which I found particularly entertaining, and figured, hey, why selfishly deny the rest of the world the simple joy that it brought me?

Subject: Wonderful night of love after 15 minutes! menelaus tyson

(Immediately I assume this is something about a very short courtship with an unstable ancient Greek boxer, but alas, it is not to be)

locution all virtual church pepsico and turbid position so nehru marmalade preserve

Well. That wasn’t what I was expecting at all. It draws me in with the Greek boxer sex, and now all of a sudden it’s sex with Hindu jelly. And in the Electronic Church Of Pepsi, no less. As soon as I figure out what the hell they’re selling, I’m taking my business elsewhere.

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Tuesday Office Still Life Photoblogging!

StrongSad in peril! Posted by Hello

I’m not really as happy with the latest round of photos, but I’ll keep at it. Hopefully I can get oot and aboot on the weekend and set my ISO below 800…

Additional office and stairwell photoblogging will be appearing shortly on my online photo gallery, but it’ll take a while to upload.Posted by Hello

11 comments March 1st, 2005 at 07:03pm Posted by Eli

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