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O Caption, My Caption!

Got Milk?™

With apologies to watertiger…

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The Light Unbearableness of Blogwhoring

Ever since julie took her bold stand against spamming at “Atrios’s”, I have been seething with outrage at the epidemic of blogwhoring, and have taken a firm stand against it here, and here. After taking some time to cool down and organize my fevered thoughts, I have arrived at the following highly cogent essay on the subject of blogwhoring:

Blogwhoring is bad and evil.
Do not blogwhore or Baby Jesus will cry and God will poop on your head.
The only thing worse than garden-variety blogwhoring is recursive blogwhoring, as defined here.

Actually, in all seriousness, julie failed to differentiate between blogwhoring and spamming, which are two entirely different things. Blog spammers, much like their e-mail counterparts, contribute nothing; their sole objective is to get you to click on them, usually with an incredibly clumsy and obvious enticement. Blogwhoring (and its variant, blogpimping) is considerably more elegant, and is usually undertaken by someone who participates regularly and contributes to the community.

Just as I wouldn’t mind a friend e-mailing me about something cool they found, I don’t mind one of my online friends occasionally and usually amusingly putting in a plug for their blog, or someone else’s. It’s the drive-by “Hey, check this out!” or “I agree with everything you say! Click here for more!” postings by someone who never interacts with anyone (are they a bot or just a complete ass?) that I find offensive. If you really want to promote your blog or website, then participate in the discussion and establish yourself as a distinctive personality with something to say. If you can’t do that, then you might want to rethink whether you really need to have a blog at all.

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It’s Alive!!!!

Finally! I have DSL again! Woohoo!!!

I have been completely miserable on dial-up the last 3 weeks. Now I feel like I have all my limbs back.

March 7th, 2005 at 05:47pm Posted by Eli

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