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Friday Quote & Cat Blogging

The answer to last week’s Friday Quoteblogging, “All I have is some loose jello, okay?” was Muppets From Space.

Since there does not appear to be much interest in trying to guess the quotes, I am going to change the format by selecting quotes I consider awesome, and just giving away the movie they’re from right up front, plus maybe some plot synopsis.

This week’s quote:

If there’s one piece of truth in your insect soul, I want it!

They Came To Cordura

This movie stars Gary Cooper as an officer who chickens out in the middle of a battle against Pancho Villa’s forces, and is given the duty of getting a bunch of medal-winning heroes safely to Cordura so they won’t get killed before they receive their medals, which the Army considers embarrassing. He is also responsible for writing up their medal citations.

Despite or because of being a coward, Cooper’s character is obsessed with the concept of courage, and uses his interviews of the heroes to try to understand how they did what they did. The irony of the movie is that the “heroes” turn out to all be pretty much scum of the earth, and Cooper ends up being the only noble and heroic person in the entire movie.

This movie was very close to the end of Gary Cooper’s career – he died two years after it was made. Also look for an appearance by a forty-something Rita Hayworth (a little rough around the edges, but still looking good) and a pre-Bewitched Dick York. Also Van Heflin and Tab Hunter, for those of you who like that sort of thing…

And here’s another picture of Eek:

Posted by Hello

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Why Don’t I Get The Good Spam?

Well, Hello/BloggerBot is totally hosed, so I can’t post any photos at the moment. Will have to investigate Imageshack or Photobucket or something like that. But it’s not a total loss. While poking through the Hello user forums to see if there’s any info (ha), I found the following spam posting:

bottle of beer living with turkey write a love letter to alchemist of necromancer.When you see for demon, it means that microscope around ball bearing trembles.Bob, the friend of Bob and hides with for fundraiser.

It’s like the synopsis of a lost Twin Peaks episode or something…

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