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Friday Quote & Cat Blogging

“He is a small, mean, dangerous criminal masquerading as a sophisticated person of means.”
Female Perversions

I don’t really remember the context, or much about the film other than that it had Tilda Swinton and Clancy Brown in it, who are always compelling.

The quote just jumped out at me for some reason, not sure why…

Look! Cats!

Cats don’t have hands… Posted by Hello

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I am intrigued by stories about shadowy realms behind the scenes that no-one ever thinks about – possibly because I feel like I work in one. The cabbie waiting area at JFK airport is a surreal international community in microcosm:

During the day and early evening, the lot feels like a crowded schoolyard, with restless, distracted men hovering over card games or swarming around a soccer ball, their shouts drowned out every 90 seconds by the roar of incoming planes. Haitian drivers favor dominoes played on the trunks of their cars, Russians clot around backgammon boards held up by trash bins and Hispanic drivers crouch between vehicles, throwing dice and sometimes wagering their hard-earned dollars.

As the light faded on Tuesday night, an elderly Korean man jogged around the perimeter while groups of drivers wearing turbans power walked up and down a vacant taxi lane quietly reciting sacred Sikh verses. A charmless patch of concrete behind the restrooms sheltered a dozen kneeling men who prayed toward Mecca.

Cool slideshow, too.

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Quote Of The Week

From a follow-up article on the slime mold beetles named after George, Dick, and Rummy:

There are only so many times one can use the species name ‘australis’ or ‘grandis’ before the thought, ‘maybe I should name this one after Joey Ramone’ goes through your head.

No, this does not count as Friday Quote Blogging. Completely separate animal.

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