Terrorists, Shmerrorists!

2 comments April 4th, 2005at 08:14pm Posted by Eli

(Admittedly, this isn’t exactly breaking news what with all the deaths of luminaries like Terri Schiavo, the pope, and Johnnie Cochran, but cut me some slack, I’ve been on vacation)

Further proof that America is completely in thrall to insane interest groups.

Money quote:

Keeping terror suspects from buying guns seems like an issue the entire nation can rally around. But the National Rifle Association is, as usual, fighting even the most reasonable regulation of gun purchases. After the G.A.O. report came out, Wayne LaPierre, the N.R.A.’s executive vice president, took to the airwaves to reiterate his group’s commitment to ensuring that every citizen has access to guns, and to cast doubt on the reliability of terrorist watch lists.

Yes, that’s right, terrorists have no rights to due process or even minimally humane treatment, but Republicans and the N.R.A. will defend their right to bear arms to the bitter end!

Hey, how about some commercials juxtaposing this with, say, some D.C. sniper headlines and general Scary Terrorist Stuff? Why not use fear against the Republicans every once in a while?

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  • 1. oldwhitelady  |  April 5th, 2005 at 1:13 pm

    Eli, where did you go on vacation?

    as far as using fear against the Reps, that sounds so good. The problem is everyone is afraid of attacking them in such a manner as you suggest, because stupid media a-holes would make a humongous hue and cry about how they’re (Dems) too mean and angry. Lookj what they did with my favorite candidate, Dean, with the “scream”. They screwed his campaign by playing it over and over and over and over and over and making stupid insinuations. Damn! I want to see the Reps start fearing. Hell Yeah!

  • 2. Eli  |  April 5th, 2005 at 7:37 pm

    I didn’t go anywhere, but I did have company for most of the week, so there was much out-and-aboutness and movie-watching.

    I don’t think this angle would give the Republicans a whole lot to grab onto, frankly. “Coddling” terrorists is pretty universally seen as bad, and is the last thing on earth the Republicans want to get busted on, since being Tough On Terror (and gays) is pretty much their entire meal ticket.

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