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Sunday Softball Blogging

Another good day at the plate – 6 for 7 with 5 runs, and a laser RBI ground-rule double to the left-center gap, and my team won 10-5 (I think). A little mixed in the outfield – I was really sharp on fly balls again, but pretty crappy at cutting off anything on the ground.

I’ve switched to a heavier bat (which I hit the double with) because I’m starting to have doubts about the structural integrity of my regular bat, which seems to have no sweet spot lately – it makes kind of a clanky sound, and the ball doesn’t seem to travel real well. It’s not just me that it does this with, either.

Current Stats: 11 games, .592 BA (42-71), 8 2B, 23 runs, 14 RBI.

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First There Is An Orange Thing, Then There Is No Orange Thing, Then There Is… Or Not.

What do these two things have in common, besides being orange?

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Answer: Both disappeared off the face of the Earth the day after I photographed them. I also took a couple of completely unsuccessful shots of a scraggly tree obscuring a Stop sign; the tree was gone within a week. I’m not sure if the lag was due to the photos being crap, or the fact that the Stop sign was more red than orange – some further experimentation may be needed.

In any case, I’m really not sure I’m comfortable wielding this sort of power, and if anyone comes to EschaCon wearing orange or red, please do not be offended if I refuse to photograph you.

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Geek Update

My PC has now been up and running continuously for 90 straight days (Windows XP).


*awkwardly attempt high-fives and hurt myself*

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