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Thanks, Mom!

For not being this woman:

I understand that some home-schooled children miss not playing in competitive sports, but most children doubtless have some complaint about their education whether they are schooled at home or in public or private school.

Part of being a good parent-teacher is educating our children to accept that.

When I decided to home-school, I took it upon myself to provide, or to procure at my own cost, everything my children needed for their education.

For me, part of the happiness of home-schooling is not burdening my neighbors with taxes to educate my children.

It’s true that home-schoolers pay taxes for public education, but so do parents of children enrolled in private schools. If I enroll my children in Catholic school, should I then expect them to play on the public school’s competitive teams or in the orchestra?

In truth, this is a downside of homeschooling that never occurred to me, and it’s hard to make a persuasive case for allowing homeschooled kids to play on school teams. But I still find it hard to believe that a good parent can’t come up with a better alternative than callously “educating” their kid to just accept that they don’t get to be on a team. That deprives them of one of the fundamental experiences of being a kid (granted, some kids aren’t into it, but that doesn’t make it okay to deprive the kids who are). And this is coming from someone who was one of the least sporty kids in recorded human history (well, okay, I kicked ass at dodgeball – in a cagy, cautious kind of way…).

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