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Friday Quote & Cat Blogging

Today’s quote is a very bizarre sentence from an NYT editorial:

Mr. Johanns said that more cows, some 388,000 annually, were being tested, enough to build what he called a “firewall.”

Man, I’d love to know where Mr. Johanns got his networking certification.

And of course, there’ll be cats…

Dozer in one of those awkward-looking positions cats seem to enjoy (apologies for the crap picture/scan quality)… Posted by Picasa

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Crap. Crapcrapcrapcrapcrap.

News from the future:

WASHINGTON, June 22, 2007 – In a series of controversial 5-4 decisions penned by Chief Justice Antonin Scalia and Associate Justice [William Pryor/Priscilla Owen/Janice Rogers Brown/Ann Coulter/Rush Limbaugh/James Dobson/insert right-wing nutjob here], the United States Supreme Court has ruled all presidential and congressional elections unconstitutional, with all congressional seats to be filled by presidential appointment.

The Court abolished the Constitutional amendment limiting presidents to two terms, effectively making George W. Bush president for life. And in their most surprising ruling, they also held that it is unconstitutional for anyone who is not a direct descendant of a president to hold the office in the future.

Following the public announcement of the rulings, President-For-Life Bush made a brief statement heralding the demise of judicial activism.

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Waiting For The Catch…

This seems like it should be a good thing:

With President Bush’s announcement yesterday of $1.2 billion for a five-year campaign against malaria in Africa, this mosquito-borne disease is finally getting the high-level attention it deserves. The wonder is that it took so long. This ancient scourge is so deadly and pervasive, and effective remedies are so cheap, that there is no justification for the world’s past indifference.


Africa’s economic losses from malaria are about $12 billion a year. The toll could be cut in half by spending only $3 billion a year for such things as insecticide-treated bed nets, preventive drugs and early treatment. Still, that amount is well beyond the means of the most affected poor African nations.

If Congress delivers on Mr. Bush’s promises – and it should – the new program will provide tens of millions of dollars to three African countries in the first year, eventually expanding to $1.2 billion for 15 countries where 175 million people are at risk.

I look forward to the administration’s explanations of how abstinence education is the key to eliminating malaria…

July 1st, 2005 at 01:23pm Posted by Eli

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Mostly B&W Blogging

Not a whole lot to say today politically-wise speaking, so here are some more photos:

Traffic cones in a parking lot – behold the power of color!

I liked how the lines of the cherrypickers kinda intersected with the lines of the lights.

Okay, I admit, the fact that it looked like a robot head didn’t hurt… Posted by Picasa

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