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Random Nerdliness:

PC has now been running continuously for 120 straight days! Woohoo!
I now have a dual-layer DVD-burner and a 10,000 RPM hard drive cooling their heels, waiting to be installed because I don’t want to break the streak…

Not much luck on any of the crap. Exchanged negative feedback with the wanker who sold me the cracked Xbox game; haven’t heard anything more from the lady who failed to send me the PS2 game, then gave me a sob story and promised to re-send it and e-mail me a confirmation; and UPS won’t investigate the missing package, because as far as they’re concerned, they have a signature and it’s a done deal – so what if the delivery guy was never actually there when they say he was…

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See, the thing about living in the, um, medium-sized city is that there’s not really a whole lot of nature out there to photograph. But I did manage to find some today.

Image Hosted by
Ooo! A bird’s nest! How cool!

Image Hosted by
Umm… Is it supposed to be on the ground like that?

Grr. ImageShack is just pissing me right off. Either ImageShack or BloggerBot needs to get their act together, I don’t care which.

Until that happy day, alternate links here and here.

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Roviality Check

Just remember, peoples:

1) We still don’t know for sure that Fitzgerald has his sights on Rove.

2) Anything less than a felony conviction for Rove, and this will all blow over. Without that, the best we would be able to hope for would be a sorrowful, “I have regretfully submitted my resignation so that the controversy generated by this Democratic witch hunt will not distract from the good work President Bush is doing,” seguing into a consultancy gig with the RNC wherein he continues to carry on spinning and smearing with abandon.

Fingers crossed? Yes. Breath held? No.

July 11th, 2005 at 08:21pm Posted by Eli

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