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Enough With The Picnic Blogging Already!

Okay, that’s it for people pics from Philly, although I probably have a few non-people ones left.

Will update with link to more comprehensive online gallery as soon as I have it set up. In the meantime, you can check out more photos chez NTodd, oldwhitelady, The Kenosha Kid, spork_incident, radsaq, and radsaq.

The Hokey Pokey is a perilous dance for the unwary.

Scout prime motions for someone to remove bigvic from the side of her face. Matt and karmic_jay are bemused, whatever that means. If you look really closely, you can see watertiger, Young Thers, and Woody in the batting cage.

NTodd helps me demonstrate how camera geeks do staring contests.

Spork_incident admires Feral’s… limb.

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Penultimate EschaPicnomiCon Pics

Okay, I finally finished processing everything, and I think I have just enough left for one more batch after this one.

Um, is taking 180 pictures in a couple of hours abnormal? I’m never really sure about such things…

Mount Brushmore revisited.

The Fifteen-Year-Old and the Five-Year-Old in a rare oasis of calm half in, half out of the sun. This is almost certainly a trap.

DAS attempts to convince Greg that he has his nose, with little success. Sisterofye, Megan, and NTodd look on with varying degrees of concern, alarm, and glowyhands.

Watertiger convinces Rosie and Thers that raspberries do go with pretzels.

Bereft of energizing raspberry infusions, Rosie is fading fast.

Just… about… gone at this point. Not even the lights in her legs can keep her awake now.

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