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Spam Poetry

Not sure what moved me to click on “Eli re: Best Industry,” but it opens with this little beauty:

sams pizza sands wind sea gifs dents rings lip
june zazza foods lettuce onion under tills pinball
gand euro trend tight yonder eggs pie time filth.

…and closes with this:

hangs winds finds mouth yungs foo dude
gander farmer pigs cows chickens eggs
hammers nail opens list rans dims light hanger.

How sad is it when spam gives me an inferiority complex?
(I especially like “yungs food dude”…)

2 comments October 8th, 2005 at 08:18pm Posted by Eli

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The Trouble With Harriet

Bush’s latest Supreme Court nominee, Harriet Miers, appears to be in the unusual position of having more Democratic backing than Republican, and was essentially endorsed by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. So, this is great, right? She drives a wedge between the Republican factions, and we get a (supposedly) less egregious Supreme Court justice than anyone else Bush would be likely to nominate.

Let’s not break out the champagne just yet. Not only would a Democratic rubber stamp mean giving up a golden opportunity to bludgeon Bush about his preference for cronyism over competence (the gall of nominating a crony to a lifetime post just weeks after another crony makes a mess of the worst natural disaster in American history!), but it would actually be a ringing endorsement of it. Just as their votes to give Dubya the authority to invade Iraq have muted their criticism of the war, so a Yes vote on Miers would mute any future criticism of Republican cronyism.

I’d like to think that they know something about Miers that I don’t know (she’s like David Souter with a vagina!), but past experience tells me that they’re just getting played. Again.

5 comments October 8th, 2005 at 04:24pm Posted by Eli

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