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I’m probably way late to the party with these, but I have a few quick observations from WaPo’s article about the Democrats demanding Rove’s head:

1) The intriguing inference (if I’m reading it correctly) that Fitzgerald let Libby off the hook about the actual leakage as the result of a plea agreement, and not because he didn’t think he could prove it. Or perhaps he’s leaving the “big” charge out there to hold over Libby’s head as additional incentive to testify against Rove or Cheney. As if a max of 30 years isn’t enough. On the other hand, “traitor” is a hard word to live down.

2) How weird is it that Trent (Vote For Strom!) Lott is trying to be the conscience of the Republican party? When Trent Lott is your party’s moral compass, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’re deep in the wilderness and very, very lost.

3) The longer and tighter Bush clings to Rove’s rotting political corpse, the better. Let the stink of corruption & death get rubbed all over him real real good.

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The Story I Look Forward To Reading

That would be the one where all the Republican congressional candidates facing tight races in 2006 tell President Bush “Thanks, but no thanks” and ask him not to campaign for them.


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Monday MP3 Blogging

Today’s selection is another one of those bizarre homemade things someone found in a thrift store.

On one level it’s kind of poignant, as you can imagine the dad making this tape to comfort his kid whose dog just ran away (“It’s okay, son, we’ll make this tape, and maybe Ben will hear it and come back to us!”), but I have to say that capping it off by actually singing the theme from Willard just puts it over the top and into The Land Of The Weirdos. Did I mention that the discoverer of the tape describes the dad as “an outer space version of Jim Nabors”?

Once again, all credit and wonderment to

October 31st, 2005 at 07:13pm Posted by Eli

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