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She’s Got Huge… Tracts O’ Land.

Am I the only one who finds this… kinda creepy?

YOUR real estate broker can find you the right home, the right buyer, the right mortgage broker, the right contractor and the right architect. But how about Mr. or Ms. Right?

Ali Kleeblatt would say yes. Her real estate agent, David Dubin of the Corcoran Group, introduced Ms. Kleeblatt, a 30-year-old psychologist, to her future fiance, Brad Hoenig, in the spring of 2004.

And as things were heating up between the couple, Mr. Dubin also found Mr. Hoenig, who was his client, a 1,500-square-foot two-bedroom duplex at the top of the Paladin on the Upper East Side.

Mr. Hoenig, 31, an investment banker, closed on the apartment for $1.325 million in June, and the couple were engaged three months later.

“Its one-stop shopping,” Ms. Kleeblatt said, surrounded by stunning northern, western and southern exposures in the couple’s new dining room, which was graced by a framed line drawing of the late rocker Kurt Cobain done by Mr. Hoenig. “David knows us so well,” she said. “He said Brad would fit in with my family, and it’s so true.”

Found in many cultures, traditional matchmakers were people who had encyclopedic knowledge of the eligible young people in a community along with their family backgrounds and social standings. Today’s real estate agents and brokers, with huge rosters of single clients and intimate knowledge of their finances and lifestyles, would seem equally suited to take up that role.

And some of them are doing just that. Agents and brokers say they want to help out ambitious unattached professionals who have little time to seek out romance. Others say they handle real estate transactions for a large number of divorced or divorcing clients, who need to find a new home for their belongings and sometimes a new partner.


Michael Wilens, 34, a lawyer, went to contract two months ago on a town house in the East 50’s, and his broker, Ms. Forbes, felt that his investment in property demonstrated he was primed to make an investment in love. While a well-to-do bachelor seeking a loft downtown may not want to settle down, one seeking a town house with space for a family to grow may be contemplating change, Ms. Forbes said.

“He was always sort of a dater, but the day he signed the contract, I said to him, ‘Now that you’ve found the house, I think you’re ready for a wife.’ He said fine, and I said, ‘I have the perfect girl for you.’ “

I think this was the cringey clincher for me:

Even when the matches fall short, some clients of real estate brokers say they are grateful for the service. The first woman Ms. Morgenstern presented to a 26-year-old client, Jamie Schweid, fell through romantically. Mr. Schweid has begun his second round of dating with another of Ms. Morgenstern’s clients. Even if this match doesn’t work, he said, he appreciates the efforts of his agent.

“If you trust a broker to look at your financials to do a board package, which is a very intrusive process, they can set you up with a girl,” said Mr. Schweid, who is a vice president for a ground beef manufacturer.

It all sounds so… procure-y.

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