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Music Appreciation

While I am not as serious a music fan as some people, I thought I would just take a moment to mention a couple of things that I am musically grateful for:

1. That Anne Bancroft’s character in The Graduate was not named Mrs. Abramowitz.

2. That there were no Taco Bells when Chuck Barry wrote “You Never Can Tell.”

Transmission ends.

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More Like This, Please. Maybe.

From an NYT letter responding to David Brooks’s annual “The Republicans might want to rethink this whole rampant corruption thing” column:

I was a Republican once, before the party shifted to appease the extreme right and corporate America at the expense of the rest of the citizenry. I used to think that Barry Goldwater was right wing, but today he would be a moderate.


It is high time that Republicans who remember and embrace the values of the party Mr. Brooks describes wake up and take stock of today’s Republican Party. It is a shell of its former self – corrupt, incompetent, self-serving, partisan in the extreme and damaging to our country.

I always love to read stuff like this, and it’s just amazing to me that Bush still has a 70-80% approval rating among Republicans, even if he is on “their team.”

However, the question remains in my mind: Given the choice between a corrupt pseudo-conservative Republican candidate and a principled liberal Democratic one, which one would this presumptively honorable Republican vote for? Or would he just stay home?

Or, if you want to be really diabolical, are all of the “reasonable conservatives” just a trap, a honey pot to lure the Democrats into embracing ineffectual DLC centrism in the vain hope of picking up disaffected Republicans? It’s certainly not a stretch to imagine that there are a lot of conservatives and Republicans who are disgusted with their current leadership, but it’s also not a stretch to say that Rove & Co. are masters of dirty tricks and deceit.

My recommendation to the Democrats is: Take heart from testimonials such as this one, but don’t count on anything more than a non-vote on Election Day. Let the Republicans worry about trying to be the new “honorable Republican party” – focus on trying to be the new “honorable Democratic party,” and let the voters sort it out. These are potentially very good times to be a Democrat if you play your cards right (clear and forceful message, more Dean, less Shrum/Brazile), so please don’t give up your advantage in a quixotic pursuit of possibly mythological disillusioned Republicans.

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Spam And Joke Of The Day

From: eBay Inc
Subject: Customer Notice: Instructions for Client

in 1998 Star Wars News in 1866 and make them better?

Just between you and me, eBay really needs to make their client instructions a lot clearer. And that question mark at the end? It makes it look like they can’t even stand behind their incomprehensible gibberish. How this once-proud company has fallen.

*shakes head sadly*

And now, a riddle, to lighten the mood:

What do you call a Hitchcock starlet with an inordinate fondness for Halloween pranks?

T.P. Hedren.

Thank you, I’ll be here all week. Try the veal!

Okay, okay, I promise I’ll try to cobble together some more political stuff – I’ve been kind of coasting on the NYC photos for a while now (not that I’m ready to stop or anything…).

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Exit Strategy?

I’m sure it’s all perfectly innocent and above-board, move-along, nothing-to-see-here, but the MachiavEli in me just can’t help but wonder if they’re setting the stage for Cheney to quietly and regretfully retire from the vice-presidency for “health-related reasons”:

Vice President Dick Cheney was hospitalized briefly this morning after suffering from shortness of breath.

He returned home after a four-hour stay. Doctors said the problem resulted from medication he was taking for a foot ailment and was not related to his long-standing heart ailments, according to a statement issued by his office.

The statement said that Mr. Cheney was taken to George Washington University Hospital in Washington about 3 a.m.

After performing an electrocardiogram, or EKG test, doctors found no… heart.

(Okay, okay, it was “no change in the functioning of Mr. Cheney’s heart,” but if the Republicans can have fun with selective quoting, why oh why can’t I?)

I mainly just wanted to use that “MachiavEli” thing…

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