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Are We Not Crap?

There. Is. No. God.

Hat tip to Bill… I think.

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Spot The Looney

Yes, it’s the exciting home game of the popular British gameshow, Spot The Looney!

See if you can Spot The Looney among these six New York Times letters to the editor!

*peppy-yet-contemplative Spot The Looney musical interlude*

If you answered “Letter Number Six, by Andre Huzsvai,” you have correctly Spotted The Looney! Well done! You win a lifetime supply of saucepans and rubber tubing!

It is impossible not to agree with William Saletan that abortion is bad. Contrary to the popular belief, it is not a judgment forced on us by the “Christian right”; it is not even a religious issue per se, merely that of basic fairness, decency and humanness.

No cultures known to mankind, including non-Christian and pre-Christian ones, would have allowed the mere thought of killing a new life in the mother’s womb.

With life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as core rights, the right of a fetus to be born clearly trumps the mother’s liberty to choose otherwise.

Alas, discussion is of no use. The solutions offered by Mr. Saletan will lead to nowhere for a very simple reason: abortion is far more than a “choice” as professed by its advocates; it is the only ace card of the feminist establishment in asserting power in the face of male “chauvinist” dominance, and it will fight tooth and nail to the last to preserve it.

I’m not sure if I’ve just won at Spot The Looney, or failed miserably at Spot The Parody… It’s just so damned hard to tell the difference these days.

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Wednesday Saintblogging

More fun with St. Bartholomew, the patron saint of lazy photographers.

I knew yelling “HEY!!!” really loud just before every shot would pay off eventually…

…And a slightly different angle. No birds, tho. Posted by Picasa

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