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You Tell ‘Em, Winnie!

From Stanford:

Mathematics has a public relations problem in this country, particularly among some girls and women, according to Hollywood actress Danica McKellar.

“Nobody out there is saying that smart is sexy and smart is important,” said McKellar, the co-author of a mathematical proof. “Role models like Paris Hilton have everything to do with why this country is being dumbed down. We need better PR.”

It’s a bigger problem for women, but it’s certainly not unique to them. Being smart is just not cool. If you don’t believe that, just look at the results of the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections. And if you don’t believe it’s a problem, just look at the results of the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections.

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I Am Grandma Millie’s Smirking Revenge

Some sad, sad news out of Houston today…

Once at the pinnacle of Houston’s financial and political elite with a fortune worth as much as $400 million, Mr. Lay, the former chairman of the Enron Corporation, is now facing financial ruin.

While he has talked about his shrinking wealth since Enron’s collapse, he has managed to keep up appearances, continuing to live in a full-floor apartment in the city’s affluent River Oaks section. But already, according to personal financial records obtained by The New York Times, Mr. Lay has fallen out of the ranks of the city’s millionaires, with a stated net worth of less than $650,000.

And that financial assessment is probably on the optimistic side. His assets, for example, include $1.9 million held in a trust that is almost sure to be eaten up by legal fees.

In addition, Mr. Lay, 63, faces potential liability from lawsuits that were filed against him by shareholders and others after Enron’s collapse that would almost certainly force him into personal bankruptcy. Mr. Lay may also be forced to forfeit his remaining home, along with some other assets, if he is convicted in the criminal fraud trial that is now taking place in Houston.

This just makes my heart so sad. Why do these things always have to happen to such good people?

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Random NYC Photoblogging

More NYC photos! I don’t really have a theme; basically just the first three photos I could find that didn’t seem to suck too badly (how’s that for shameless self-promotion?)…

More buildings! Yippee!!!

JP Morgan Chase again.

What’s an NYC photo shoot without at least one of these sawhorse thingies? Posted by Picasa

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