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Maybe The Dems Are Right About Censure After All…

As I understand it, the Democrats have been reluctant to embrace Russ Feingold’s motion to censure the President because they’re worried that they might alienate the Vast Undecided Swing-Voter Middle. Personally, I thought this was weak and stupid, but Mr. Atta J. Turk posted a link to a very intriguing American Research Group poll, and now I have seen the light! Hallelujah!

Do you favor or oppose the United States Senate passing a resolution censuring President George W. Bush for authorizing wiretaps of Americans within the United States without obtaining court orders?
3/15/06 Favor Oppose Undecided
All Adults 46% 44% 10%
Voters 48% 43% 9%
Republicans (33%) 29% 57% 14%
Democrats (37%) 70% 26% 4%
Independents (30%) 42% 47% 11%
Do you favor or oppose the United States House of Representatives voting to impeach President George W. Bush?
3/15/06 Favor Oppose Undecided
All Adults 42% 49% 9%
Voters 43% 50% 7%
Republicans (33%) 18% 80% 2%
Democrats (37%) 61% 30% 9%
Independents (30%) 47% 40% 13%

So, if we assume that the Independents are a reasonable proxy for undecided swing voters, we can plainly see that a clear plurality oppose censuring the President for illegal wireless wiretapping, and would instead prefer to see him impeached.

Okay, Dems, your lord and master, The Almighty Middle has spoken. Hop to it.

UPDATE: I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out why there’s more support for censure than impeachment among Democrats, but the reverse for Independents, and here’s what I’ve come up with:

The Democrats (myself included, to be honest) are wary of impeachment because of the potential for blowback, as happened with Clinton. My theory is that the Independents don’t care about that because it’s not their party. They want to see Bush nailed to the wall, not just reprimanded.

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Partisan Politics Made Simple

In the interests of making politics more accessible, understandable, and, well, palatable for those who are not obsessive wonks like myself, I will now attempt to illustrate the current Republican-Democratic dynamic using adorable kittens:

Any questions?

(Photo courtesy of Rate My Kitten – please don’t sue me)

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