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Quote Of The Day

From an NYT blogticle about the brother of one of Google’s founders raising money through a “reverse merger” with a barely-existent shell company, an incomprehensible-to-me practice that has oftimes been a hallmark of dodginess:

Jeff Oscodar, Handheld?s chief executive officer, conceded during an interview last week that, “Historically, there has been a taint” surrounding reverse mergers. “But,” he added, “the taint curve is coming down.”

I never knew taint was graded on a curve.

(I wonder if I’m behind the taint curve)

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My blog is the #1 Google search hit for asshole projection!


March 21st, 2006 at 12:41pm Posted by Eli

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More Great Moments In Spam Literature

Every once in a while, I get spam which appears to have text from some kind of bad pulp novel in it in Outlook’s auto-preview, but is (unfortunately) not there when I view the actual e-mail. I can only assume that this is part of some attempt to look like actual real mail instead of spam, but the effect is… intriguing.

I would love to see a compilation of all of these little spam snippets, and I wonder if they all come from one larger spam ur-narrative. But until such a repository is created, I will continue to do my small part, and post them as I find them.

Today’s entry in the literary spamstakes is from “Tisha Melvin,” and is entitled “information.” Enjoy.

“So they’ll go up the road and they won’t find him, where were? in 1936 Neat. Misery was what she liked; Misery was who she liked, not some foul-talking little spic car-thief from Spanish Harlem. She showed him these with an uneasy defiant sort o…

Seriously, can we get some kind of Spam Google or Spam Yahoo (Spoogle? Spoohoo? No, those are probably bad ideas) or something? It’s a shame to let all this creativity to go to waste.

14 comments March 21st, 2006 at 12:17pm Posted by Eli

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