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Random Brain-Dead Blogging

(John Beale, Post-Gazette)

You guys find everything okay?

Between the Insane Project From Hell Which Is Eating My Brain, and the harrowing Pellet Gun Terrorist Episode which gripped Dahntahn Pittsburgh in a grippy grip of fear, I don’t have enough CPU cycles left upstairs to say much of anything coherent. Perhaps I will post some photos later, I dunno.

But for now, all I can offer is some random tidbits that have been bouncing around what’s left of my brain:

o Is it churlish and mean-spirited of me that one of my pet peeves is people who respond to “Hello” with “Good, how are you?” Responding to “How are you” with “Hello” doesn’t seem so bad to me, but the reverse is just weird.

o New record! My PC has been up and running continuously for over 150 straight days now! Woohoo! Did I mention I built it myself?

o Remember the Chris Bliss Juggling video? (sorry for the crappy Youtube video quality; the original is difficult to link to directly) Apparently certain elements of the juggling community have taken offense to its popularity, and one of them has offered a video rebuttal, with five balls, smoother moves, and uneven editing. (Thanks to Bill for the tip)

o And if that’s not enough juggling madness for y’all (and who can ever really have enough juggling madness?), there’s old-time juggler Kris Kremo, who starts out juggling balls to a cheesy lounge version of the Hawaii Five-O theme, then escalates to top hats and blocks, which have to be seen to be believed. It’s not just what I have to assume is virtuoso juggling; it also produces some truly astonishing visual effects.

o Codename V. is Teh awesome. That is all.

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