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1 comment March 6th, 2006at 02:33pm Posted by Eli

(Well, crap. I appear to be about four days behind the curve on this one. Oh well, I was about two years behind the curve the last time, and it felt good, so I thought I might try it again…)

Andrew Sullivan’s sad lament, by way of Howie Kurtz:

A few emailers have asked what I see troubling in the Alito thank-you note to Dr James Dobson. First, Supreme Court Justices should be very careful associating with overtly political entities, and you don’t get much more political than Dobson. Secondly, Dobson himself read it out loud on the air to brag of his influence on national affairs. Thirdly, there is more than just a hint of a constitutional quo for a political quid in the letter. That kind of horse-trading undermines the integrity of the court and the impartiality of the justices. Look: I endorsed Alito. But I hoped his jurisprudence would not amount to a carte blanche for whatever the Christianists demand. The letter suggests otherwise.

Sully, have you been paying any attention at all? What ever made you think Alito would be anything other than a tool of the religious right? Have you completely forgotten the anti-gay-marriage amendment you were so outraged about in 2004? When will you finally absorb the fact that the people you regularly cheerlead and apologize for would be only too happy to deport or imprison you and everyone like you? Or were you counting on the Democrats you have such contempt for to protect your privacy, a la Grover Norquist?
(Is it possible to create a paragraph composed entirely of questions?)

Look, I hate to break it to you, but you don’t get to endorse right-wing loons and then complain when they turn out to be… right-wing loons. This is the crowd you’ve chosen to ally yourself with, so either suck it up and deal, or make a clean break and switch sides: Democrat or heterosexual, I don’t really care which.

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