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Karl’s Little Helper

Not sure of the photo credit, but this was in the “Video” section of today’s NYT front page, and it made me all tingly.

So, who exactly did Scottie say he was resigning to spend more time with?

UPDATE: I just realized where Karl got that expression from (or vice versa?)…

(thanks to watertiger, whose schtick I’m schamelessly schtealing)

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Eli’s Little Helper

Softball season is officially upon us! I have purchased my first Dr Pepper six-pack of the year!


Mmm… Sweet, sweet nectar…

When I’m at home, I only drink Dr Pepper as a treat/reward after a hard-fought softball game. Or batting practice. However, I do drink it fairly frequently at work, as kind of an afternoon pick-me-up.

I can quit any time. Really.

(Non-techies may feel free to ignore the following)

This also gave me an excuse to test my laptop’s memory upgrade. See, I noticed that converting digital photos from RAW format to jpeg format was severely bogging down my laptop and making it to do anything else. I also noticed that my memory usage was up around 800MB during these conversions, and the laptop only has 512MB, which means it was using the hard drive as virtual memory, which is always very slow.

So I ordered a couple of 512MB modules, which I picked up today and installed during my lunch hour (despite the Dell website being down and therefore unavailable for reference – thanks, guys!). So far, it’s exceeding expectations, as the laptop does not appear to be bogging down even a little bit, so I’m pretty damn pleased.

Now, the techie bad news: My PC crashed a couple of nights ago, just 5 days shy of six months continuous uptime. I was really looking forward to that milestone, but it was not to be. The PC’s fine, it was just some crappy program that went wonky and brought everything down. I’ve upgraded to a newer version, and hopefully it’ll be a bit more stable…

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Completely-Missing-The-Point-Of-The-Botanical-Gardens Photoblogging

I took pictures of flowers and nature stuff, I swear! I’ll totally post them… at some point.

Ceiling fan in kind of an open shed thingy. There were soda machines, but you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Some sort of valve. I’m not entirely sure what it does, but I like shiny metal things. And rusty metal things. And not-entirely-shiny-or-rusty metal things.

The lock on a donation box. Posted by Picasa

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