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Chemical VP

The Cheneys share a private moment.

Vanity Fair has the latest update on how totally not-paranoid Mr. Undisclosed Location is (by way of The All-Seeing Eye Of Froomkin):

When [Cheney] gave his friend Robin West and his twin children a ride to the White House a couple of years ago, West commented on the fact that Cheney’s motorcade varied its daily path. “And he said, ‘Yeah, we take different routes so that “The Jackal” can’t get me,’ West tells Purdum. “And then there was this big duffel bag in the middle of the backseat, and I said, ‘What’s that? It’s not very roomy in here.’ And [Cheney] said, ‘No, because it’s a chemical-biological suit,’ and he looked at it and said, ‘Robin, there’s only one. You lose.’ “

Alrighty then. That seems… normal. My first thought was that he should wear it all the time to protect the rest of us from contamination. My second thought was a flashback to this story:

January’s hearings will be the second and final session of the [citizen’s tribunal on war crimes]. Indictments from the first session were formally delivered to George W. Bush at the White House on January 10. Bush’s staff would not receive the indictments at the gate, saying that the president “will not accept any materials from the public.” As TV cameras rolled, a hazmat squad was called in by White House personnel to remove the envelope.

Bush & Cheney are to WMDs as Captain Hook is to clockodiles.

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I Pity The Phil!

Mr. T is finally getting his due… I think.

There’s just something about Mr. T that makes one smile…. The man is a bona fide cultural treasure.

And finally someone in a position to do something about it has offered T a ticket back to the small screen — and not in a demeaning “Surreal Life” second act. T will be the star of his very own weekly advice show. That’s right, advice show.

From the official TV Land press release:

TV Land has picked up six episodes of this Dr. Phil-meets-Tony-Robbins reality show in which Mr. T stars in the unlikely role of social scientist traveling across the country to dispense his own classic Mr. T style advice.

Said T when asked by the Associated Press about his new show:

“My show ain’t no `Dr. Phil,’ with people sitting around crying,” he said. “You’re a fool – that’s what’s wrong with you. You’re a fool if you don’t take my advice.”

Brilliant. I wonder how long before he starts referring to his show as “The No-Jibber-Jabber Zone”…

Be sure to follow that WaPo link for several useful and entertaining Mr. T-related websites.

May 3rd, 2006 at 06:04pm Posted by Eli

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