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I Know Why The Lapworm Turns.

I didn’t have a chance to read The All-Seeing Eye Of Froomkin today, but Atrios did:

The way I see it, the Washington press corps is still appropriately embarrassed that they screwed up in the run-up to war. Now, as Bush’s approval ratings fester, they are getting bolder in challenging the official White House line on any number of issues. They’re justifiably proud of a handful of great investigative pieces.

But they still haven’t addressed the central issue Colbert was raising: Bush’s credibility. As it happens, the public is way ahead of them on this one: For more than a year, the polls have consistently been showing that a majority of Americans don’t find Bush honest and trustworthy.

And yet, as I’ve chronicled time and again in this column, (see, for instance, my Feb. 3 column, It’s the Credibility, Stupid ) the mainstream press — the very folks in that ballroom on Saturday night, the ones who actually have access to the president and his aides — have allowed that fundamental issue to go unexplored.

Here’s my impression of what’s going on: The media aren’t emboldened by Bush’s falling approval ratings. They aren’t angry about five years of being marginalized and lied to. No, I believe that if it was entirely up to their owners, they wouldn’t cover any of this, or would cover it as lightly as possible.

I believe that only reason that the media (or right-wing pundits, for that matter) have been presenting anti-Bush, anti-GOP stories is that they need to preserve their own credibility. They have to walk a very fine line; if they advance their pro-corporate/pro-Republican narrative too obviously, they become like Pravda. Everyone would simply accept it as a given that they’re full of shit, and read between the lines accordingly. Kind of like a rapacious parasite that kills its host. Or the Republican party – but I repeat myself…

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Beauty Botanical Photoblogging

Okay, one last attempts at some beauty shots from the botanical gardens.

Please bear in mind that I have no idea what I’m talking about.

Just so we’re clear on this, I have no idea what any flowers are called. Tulips, maybe? Idunno. I’ll just call them “Purple Flower Thingies.”

I think someone may have said these are forget-me-nots, but I… well…

Baby ferns! I think.

Some kind of, um, white flowers…

Are ya feelin’ educated yet?

“…And when they grab you with those metal beaks, you can’t break free. Because they’re made of metal. And robot birds are strong.”

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