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Preznit Judge As A Sober.

A video used to be embedded here but the service that it was hosted on has shut down.


Courtesy of the improbably, impeccably, handsome WalterNeff, marauding in the Eschaton comments.

UPDATE: Once again, the viewer preferences page, just in case.

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The One That Got Away

So I went out last night on a photographic mission…

I wanted to get a picture of these with some cool extreme evening shadows on them, but there was a building blocking the sunlight. Bugger.

But, on my way back home, I did meet this very sweet and affectionate tuxedo kitty:

I’m calling him “Gollum.”


Aw. Precious.

I seriously thought about taking Gollum home, but I just couldn’t get around all the logistical questions, especially without a car. I feel pretty crappy about it, but I really don’t think I can give a kitty much of a home without at least some prep work beforehand.

I’m… not impulsive.

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Sad news about the end of an era:

Juan Valdez is retiring. Long live Juan Valdez! Colombia’s coffee ambassador to the world, Carlos Sanchez, is finally quitting after four decades of playing the role of Juan Valdez. And the national federation of Colombian coffee producers is searching for a man to inherit his poncho — as well as his trusty mule, Conchita.

Sanchez has promoted Colombian coffee since 1969 with a leather bag, bushy mustache and straw hat typical of rural Colombia. He inherited the role from Jose Duval, a Cuban, who became the first Juan Valdez in 1959.


”I feel like a flag. I feel like I’ve represented the country,” Sanchez said Tuesday at a news conference where he struggled to hold back tears. ”There is a big sense of gratitude from Colombians abroad for this.”

Sanchez, 71, said his advancing years made it hard to keep up a strenuous schedule traveling the globe promoting coffee.

Respect. And I don’t even drink coffee.

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Wednesday Why-I-Love-The-Weekly-World-News Blogging

Weekly World News asks: Are James Carville and Bat Boy kin?

BAT BOY has hundreds of living relatives in America — and famed Democratic strategist James Carville is probably one of them!


While outspoken Carville — nicknamed the “Ragin’ Cajun” — is famous for being hyper-aggressive, no one has questioned his place in the human species before.

“This news is bound to rattle Carville,” says a Democratic party source. “If he and his wife Mary Matalin — a staunch Republican — weren’t worried about how their kids would turn out before, they’ve got to be now.”

HERE, from the expert, are 10 traits Bat Boy appears to share with his human kinfolk:

1. Bald, misshapen head.

2. Frightening, sharp toothed grin.

3. Comes from the South. “Like Bat Boy, who first surfaced in West Virginia, most of his relatives are found in the South,” notes Dr. Hensky. “Mr. Carville was born in Louisiana.”

4. Flails arms wildly when excited.

5. Combative. Like Bat Boy, who’s bitten dozens of people, Carville relishes a good fight.

6. Weird, cackling laugh.

7. Super-acute hearing. CNN staffers have learned not to bad-mouth Carville behind his back.

8. Physical agility.

9. Dog-like loyalty. “While other Clinton cronies ducked for cover during Monica-gate, Carville stood by his man,” Dr. Hensky observes.

10. Navigates in dark. Carville often wears sunglasses at night.

God, I love these people. This sort of thing is why I used to have a subscription.

Belated hat tip to the shadowy and mysterious Codename V. for tipping me off to the WWN online.

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