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Belated Wednesday Softball Blogging – I Am… Not Mighty.

I continue to suck on Wednesdays. I think it has something to do with fatigue, or maybe the Wednesday crew just plays better defense, but if I bet that if I could split my stats between Wednesdays and Sundays, I would be batting about 200 points higher on Sundays.

This week, after a full afternoon of picture-taking on my birthday, I was too mentally and physically drained to do much, although I did hit my first triple of the season, and I threw the ball pretty well, including another assist at third. I ended up 2-for-7 with 2 runs and 2 RBI, and a lot of popups and lazy fly balls. I should have told everyone it was my birthday before the game – maybe I could have gotten some favorable drops or something…

On the neato side, my team did turn a triple play on a fly ball to center, thanks to a couple of inexperienced baserunners who were off at the crack of the bat.

Current Stats: 8 games, .558 BA (24-43), 6 2B, 1 3B, 4 HR, 15 runs, 18 RBI.

Career Stats: 35 games, .571 BA (136-238), 23 2B, 2 3B, 5 HR, 76 runs, 58 RBI.

I don’t think he’s gonna get there…

Less light in the evening means slower exposures, which means more blur, which is actually kinda cool-looking. Will need to do some deliberate experimenting with that at some point…

Adventurous baserunning pays off.

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The Arlen, My Friends, Is Blowing In The Wind…

In case anyone was all excited about the possibility of Arlen Specter standing up to Dick Cheney and the rest of Dubya’s goons:

I’m not accusing anybody of anything. And I’m not saying the vice president acted in bad faith.

This is nothing personal between Arlen Specter or Vice President Cheney. This is a matter of civil liberties. It’s a matter of separation of power. And it’s a matter of important congressional oversight. And, so far, we’re not getting there. And that’s why I prepared a fairly strong letter. . . .

I don’t think the president has acted in bad faith here. I think he is functioning on something which he thinks needs to be done to protect the country. But he doesn’t have a blank check. He’s not the final word. We have a Constitution. The Constitution says that the Congress has oversight. And, on a constitutional issue, that’s the Judiciary Committee.

There, you see? Nothing to worry about, it was all just a big misunderstanding. The President is a fine man and he means well, and I’m sure that after Senator Specter conducts a thorough investigation, we’ll all see that the President has done absolutely nothing wrong. And if not, you can be sure that there are plen-ty more strongly-worded letters where that came from.

I don’t know about you, but I’m breathing easier already.

(Hat tip to The All-Seeing Eye Of Froomkin)

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Yeah, Right.

Arlen Specter talks tough again. Y-A-W-N.

The powerful Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee all but declared war on the White House yesterday, and accused Vice President Cheney of sneaking around behind his back.

In a blistering letter to Cheney, Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) laid out a long list of grievances over the White House seizing more and more power “at the expense” of Congress.

“It is neither pleasant nor easy to raise these issues with the administration of my own party,” he wrote. He cited the administration’s domestic spying, the gathering of Americans’ phone records and the recent FBI raid of a congressman’s offices.

Specter was particularly peeved that Cheney called Judiciary Committee members to kill closed-door hearings the senator had planned with phone company execs – and didn’t tell Specter, even when they were at lunch Monday.


The irate chairman threatened to dish out subpoenas and suggested the two branches of government were headed for a “constitutional confrontation.”

I’ll believe it when I see it. Specter has a long, long history of talking tough and then caving (I guess he figures everyone will remember the talk, but not the walk… or lack thereof). The next time this useless toady stands up to Bush & Cheney will be the first.

June 8th, 2006 at 07:40am Posted by Eli

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Mission Accomplished!

We’ve totally turned the corner now!

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, al-Qaida’s leader in Iraq who led a bloody campaign of suicide bombings and kidnappings, has been killed in an air strike, U.S. and Iraqi officials said Thursday, adding that his identity was confirmed by fingerprints and a look at his face. It was a major victory in the U.S.-led war in Iraq and the broader war on terror.

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said al-Zarqawi was killed along with seven aides Wednesday evening in a remote area 30 miles northeast of Baghdad in the volatile province of Diyala, just east of the provincial capital of Baqouba, al-Maliki said.

This will make all the difference, just like when we killed Saddam’s sons and captured Saddam himself.

But any hopes the Jordanian-born terror leader’s death would help stem the violence in Iraq were dimmed hours later when a car bomb exploded in a Baghdad market, killing 19 and wounding 65.

Like I said…

The Iraqi prime minister also apparently issued a warning to President Bush:

“Those who disrupt the course of life, like al-Zarqawi, will have a tragic end,” al-Maliki said….

“This is a message for all those who embrace violence, killing and destruction to stop and to (retreat) before it’s too late,” he said. “It is an open battle with all those who incite sectarianism.”

Al-Zarqawi was not the problem; al-Zarqawi was a symptom. Even assuming that he really is dead, nothing will change.

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