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Mo’ Monday Media Madness, Microsoft Edition

Okay, I have to post yet another video. The shadowy and mysterious Codename V. told me about it, and it’s just too perfect.
What if the iPod had been a Microsoft product?

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Mo’ Monday Media Blogging

I was only going to post the one video today, but…

It is difficult to imagine anything more awful than this, or what drugs are potent enough to keep the piano player smiling through it all. Perhaps he’s deaf. And possibly blind.
Connie Chung not just singing, but vamping. The horror. The… horror.

(Hat tip to Jeffraham Prestonian. Gah.)

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Republican Family Values

Remember Anna Benson? Pitcher Kris Benson’s virulently right-wing lingerie/Playboy model wife? The reason the Mets traded Benson, a solid starting pitcher, for a failed closer?

Here she is, demonstrating that she has no, ahem, hard feelings after her husband not only pitched well, but homered to help the Orioles beat the Mets:

Afterward, the ever-quotable Anna held an impromptu press conference in which she gloated about the Revenge of the Bensons and offered the Mets an adult salve to soothe the wounds of losing to Kris, the pitcher they dumped. Her proposal probably only reinforced the Mets’ feeling they were right to trade the whole family.

“I am feeling generous,” she said. “I was going to offer to send a case of K-Y Jelly down to the Mets’ clubhouse. For as many guys prepared to use it. Give me a number.”

Niiiiice. I also remember when she vowed to sleep with every single one of Kris’s teammates if he ever cheated on her.

June 19th, 2006 at 07:04pm Posted by Eli

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Monday Media Blogging

I keep meaning to get a weekly Bizarre-Audio/Video-From-Hell feature going, but every week I always forget or get distracted. But when the perfect kickoff video arrives in my inbox on Monday (it has to be Monday, for alliterative purposes), I simply must fire it up.
A commercial so badwrong it makes the Burger King look tame.

(ultra-perky hat-tip to my good buddy spear and magic)

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Hypothetical Question

What would happen if, instead of the usual course of torture and beheading, the Iraqi insurgents who recently captured two American troops were a little more… subtle? What if they declared their captives “unlawful combatants” and then proceeded to subject them to the exact same treatment as the detainees in Gitmo and Abu Ghraib? What would the Bush administration and its proxies say? How would they denounce the same techniques which they had so adamantly defended before? Would they be able to come up with something more compelling than “But we’re America“? I’m pretty sure that any remaining claim of American moral authority or superiority would be quite effectively demolished if this “what if” question became a reality.

Am I rooting for this to happen? Only insofar as a little “fraternity hazing” would be preferable to beheading, as any Republican will happily inform you.Do I expect it to happen? No. They’re called “terrorists,” not “embarrarrists.”

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Belated Father’s Day Photoblogging

Some Father’s Day photoblogging – might have had it up on time, except I didn’t have the linchpin ghastly window display picture ready until well after midnight…

Belated Happy Father’s Day!!! Um, this display is perhaps not very well thought out…

Miniature golf at the Arts Festival.

The orbs, Daddy, they’re telling me to… do things.


6 comments June 19th, 2006 at 07:38am Posted by Eli

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