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Why I Hate Specter So Very, Very Much

Arlen Specter is such a humongous tool, he actually makes Joe Lieberman look integritty. I think the following quote, buried in the NYT’s Cheney-is-mad-at-us-for-reporting-on-the-government-spying-
on-financial-transactions article might just set some kind of world record for complete and utter lack of self-awareness:

“Why does it take a newspaper investigation to get them to comply with the law?” [Specter] asked. “That’s a big, important point.”

Because you never do, you posturing, useless, insincere little phony of a manturd. If you would for just once do your job instead of folding every time Cheney or Rove make that little snipping motion in your general direction, Bush Jr. might actually think twice about wiping his ass on the Constitution every time he messes himself. Jaysus.

(hat tip to The Heretik)

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NY Daily News Scoops Everybody!

This just in: Pets not enthused about work.

(Well, okay, the cat might be taking an interest, but everyone knows that cats are Very Serious.)

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Jason And TNR Go Nuts

June, 2006: Jason Zengerle of The New Republic writes an anti-blogger hit piece about Markos “Daily Kos” Moulitsas supposedly using the weight of his Vast Liberal Blogads Empire to pressure prominent liberal bloggers to ignore recent revelations about his business partner, Jerome Armstrong. One of his follow-up articles, for which he claims to have three sources, includes a completely fabricated e-mail from Steve Gilliard, in which he is chomping at the bit to start blogging about this “once we know the facts.” (Glenn Greenwald has the definitive rundown on this latter development and its significance)

May, 2006: Jason Leopold of trumpets the scoop of all scoops, that Karl Rove has been indicted in the Valerie Plame case and will resign as soon as the indictment is announced. Nothing happens. Nothing continues to happen, until Rove’s attorney finally announces that his client will not be indicted. Leopold and Truthout steadfastly refuse to burn his sources, if indeed there are any.

May, 2003: Jayson Blair is forced to resign from the New York Times for serial fraud and plagiarism.

Obviously, the lesson to be learned here is: Do not hire reporters named Jason, or any variation thereof (probably best not to even hire anyone named Jasmine, just to be on the safe side).

The NYT at least deserves credit for actually getting rid of not only their dodgy reporter, but the editor-in-chief who enabled him. So far, Zengerle and Leopold’s editors have backed them to the hilt. Hooray for loyalty! And truthiness!

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