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Poll-y Joe

Firedoglake commenter Norm de Plume was kind enough to link to this Quinnipiac University poll from about a month ago, looking primarily (so to speak) at the upcoming CT primary and general elections. Some interesting tidbits, which I am probably the last person to notice:

o Joe leads Ned by 25% (57-32) among all CT Democrats, but only 15% (55-40) among likely voters, which suggests that his support is pretty lukewarm. Not only that, but that 25% gap was a 46% gap for Joe just one month before, so the trend is not exactly favorable.

o Head-to-head against Schlesinger, Joe wins 68-14, and Ned wins 37-20, with 34% undecided, which tells me that a lot of people don’t even know who he is yet, or if he’s for real. With Joe announcing he won’t abide by the primary results, he just made sure that everyone in CT knows who Ned is, and that he’s a credible enough challenger to have the incumbent running scared.

o Buttressing the previous point, when asked whether their impression of Lamont was favorable or unfavorable, 73% of CT Dems said they haven’t heard enough about him, and only 11% had a favorable impression. And yet, 32% say they prefer him to Lieberman. Interesting.

o In a three-way race, with Joe running under the banner of the Gee-Your-War-Smells-Terrific Party, Joe wins 56-18-8, with the Republican getting the 8. Disheartening for Lamont fans, but I think recent events will have a big effect on those numbers. The 8% is not exactly good news for Schlesinger, and it’s pretty hard to envision a scenario where he could possibly win with support that soft.

o Less than half (49%) of CT Dems approve of the job Joe is doing, yet 56% say he deserves to be re-elected. What the deuce?

o Joe’s 56% overall approval rating is not bad, but it’s gone down 11 points in about ten months, and 7 points in the last four.

o To go along with that 49% approval rating among CT Dems and 57% rating among Independents, Joe has a 66% approval rating among CT Republicans. Which should dispel any doubts about his true political orientation. Better yet, his approval rating is 5 points higher among CT Republicans than the President’s! This speaks volumes about both Joe and Dubya, and confirms my belief that Joe is a Republican who pretends to be a Democrat so that he can get votes in a blue state.

I’m no statistician, but it looks to me like CT Democrats are desperate for an alternative to Joe, to the point where many of them would be willing to vote for someone they’ve barely even heard of just to get rid of him. It’s the CT Republicans and Independents that Lamont has to worry about in November.

I am eagerly awaiting the next poll now that Joe has managed to simultaneously make a complete ass of himself and give Ned the gift of name recognition and credibility. I will probably want to revisit all of these numbers again.

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Wednesday Why-I-Love-The-Weekly-World-News Blogging

Once again, the Weekly World News gets the scoop before anyone else:

The producers of FOX TV’s hit drama, 24, can count one more viewer among the show’s loyal audience — President George Bush! The Emmy Awardwinning show stars Kiefer Sutherland as counterterrorism agent Jack Bauer.

“The President had watched a few shows over the years, but he had trouble understanding the main concept, in which a single day’s activities are stretched across a full season,” confided a White House insider.

“Finally, trusted adviser Karl Rove sat Mr. Bush down and slowly explained it, in much the same way he does foreign policy, domestic policy and how cell phones work. He said, ‘The show is about a counterterrorism unit within the U.S. government, protecting the country from foreign and domestic terrorists.’ The President’s eyes lit up. He finally understood and has been a loyal fan ever since.”

In fact, Bush has become such a big fan that he reportedly asked the producers to let him guest-star as one of the counterterrorism agents alongside Sutherland’s Jack Bauer.

Two weeks later, according to the insider, the producers delivered to the White House a script featuring President Bush as special agent Eddie Burke, who ends up single-handedly “taking out” an entire gang of terrorists.

Bush was just about to commit to the part when Rove put a damper on it. “He explained that it would be confusing and distracting for the American public to see their President packing heat and talking into his sleeve,” said our source.

After Rove explained it four more times to the President, and two times after that very slowly, Bush finally understood. Grumpily, he informed the producers that he would not be guest-starring.

Bush is currently trying to figure out a way he can guest-star on the show as himself, even though the show already has a U.S. President. “I don’t see that as an obstacle,” Bush told Rove. “I see it as an opportunity.”

I like the references to Rove carefully and laboriously explaining things to The Comprehender-In-Chief.

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