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Define “Support.”

Just a quick post before I run out to softball. Jane at FDL has posted a letter from a CT Dem serving in Afghanistan:

As some readers may have heard, in January my battalion was issued substandard equipment for our deployment to Afghanistan. Originally, we were issued M-16s rather than M-4 carbines, rifles with shorter barrels and collapsible butt stocks. As a politcally active member of the battalion, I began to get in touch with Representative DeLauro and Representative Simmons, who both responded quickly and enthusiastically. Senator Dodd also responded quickly and gave me prompts on how to further validate my request for weapons.

However, I did not receive a response from Senator Lieberman’s office. I continued to leave messages for both him and his military aide, now senior counselor, Fred Downey, who reprsented Sen. Lieberman at the Battalion’s send off ceremony on Jan. 4. After several messages, I finally received a return phone call. However, I was not met with the same enthusiams expressed by other legislators; I was immediately confronted with an inquisition that seemed to have the purpose of dispelling the belief that the battalion was ill equipped. Rather than listen to our specific concerns, the “benefits” of the M16 were highlighted and teh advantages of the M4 were downplayed.

Lieberman’s office left the impression that they believed we had the equipment we needed, despite the contrasting beliefs of soldiers in my battalion, some who have been on as many as five deployments. The others in Washington were not so quick to abandon us.

Lieberman has never hesitated to voice his support for the war, and recently voted against pulling troops out of Iraq, so where was he when over 500 of his own constituents were being sent overseas to fight on behalf of his great country? It appears the senator was so concerned with climbing the political ladder, he forget what his job is really about: the people.

This letter highlights perfectly what infuriates me about the Republicans, and the message I want to see the Democratic Party shouting from the rooftops:

Supporting the war DOES NOT EQUAL supporting the troops. Opposing the war DOES NOT EQUAL opposing the troops.

You know what “supporting the troops” means? It means wanting them to have the best equipment and armor available, so they have a better chance of coming home in one piece. It means wanting to keep them out of harm’s way unless absolutely necessary.

You know what “opposing the troops” means? It means shortchanging the soldiers in the field with inadequate equipment and armor, and the veterans back home with inadequate benefits and medical care. It means inflaming the Muslim world to ensure that the troops have enormous bullseyes on their backs whenever they venture out of their heavily shielded bases. It means keeping them in a dangerous war zone for no good reason, long after even the faintest chance of success has died.

I think yon letter-writer has made it very clear that he would happily trade all the war cheerleaders back home for a few hundred M-4 carbines.

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Wednesday Why-I-Love-The-Weekly-World-News Blogging

When life hands you demons, make demonade!

HAVE demons been talking to you lately? Don’t panic! You can learn loads of valuable information from the chatty minions of Satan — including tidbits about future business trends you can use to get rich!

That’s the claim of a controversial Bible scholar, who suggests that before phoning an exorcist, you milk demons for all they’re worth.

“About 95 percent of what demons say should be ignored — for example, if they tell you to drown your children,” explains Albert Wiltex, author of the upcoming book, How to Use Demonic Chatter to Improve Your Life.

“But 5 percent is news you can use. Remember, demons exist outside of normal time — they know a lot about the past as well as the future.

“If you skillfully manipulate them, you can get them to slip up and reveal information you can use to become rich, learn what your neighbors are up to and uncover potential family problems.”


“Most of what the demons said was blasphemous gibberish,” he reveals. “But I also found intriguing nuggets of information — including the names of hot companies like Microsoft long before they existed.”

Here, are some tips on tricking demons into spilling the beans:

1 STRING THE DEMON ALONG — If the evil entity asks you to sell your soul to Satan, feign interest to keep it talking as long as possible.

2 FOLLOW UP ON CLUES — If the demon promises that surrendering to Lucifer will make you the richest person in the world in 10 years, nonchalantly ask who the second richest will be then.

“Later do an Internet search for the name,” suggests Wiltex. “If you find it’s a young entrepreneur, invest in his fledgling business.”

3 PRAISE FOLKS YOU WANT TO SNOOP ON — If you tell the demon your boss is an “upstanding Christian” who says the Devil is full of lies, the demon might shoot back, “He’s boinking Judy in accounting” — a useful fact to have in your pocket next time you ask for a raise.


4 ALWAYS CORROBORATE — “If the demon says your wife is cheating on you, don’t take it as gospel,” says Wiltex. “Before you go for your shotgun, hire a private detective to make sure.”


“Demons are irrational, hatred-driven spirits almost incapable of logic,” he points out. “It’s not hard to outsmart them.”

That sounds awesome! Where I can find an inorcist?

(On a side note: Multi Medium is the number one search result for warning i am stud next to a ringtone wanker – so consider yourselves warned)

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