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3 comments July 13th, 2006at 06:38am Posted by Eli

Just a couple of things that are still stuck in my craw about the CT Democratic primary:

1) Planned Parenthood’s media person explaining to CT Bob, apparently with a straight face, that they had no way of factoring Lieberman’s cloture vote on Alito into their “report card.” This is not just another vote that you factor into an overall rating. This is a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. If you are a single-issue, pro-choice organization, you should be launching a full-court press as soon as you realize that Bush has nominated a staunch pro-lifer. You should be leaning on every single senator you have influence with. This should be Thing One on your radar, and you should consider any betrayal to be a huge deal, not a minor and insurmountable bookkeeping challenge. The lack of seriousness and commitment that Planned Parenthood (and NARAL) display toward their own cause is just stupefying.

2) Apparently whenever Lieberman is running for re-election, he polls every single day (link by way of Jane). This means that he should be well aware that his Democratic constituents are fed up with his lack of representation. And yet, he always responds with inept campaign maneuvering, never with attempts to improve his quality of representation. And assuming he polls some when he’s not campaigning, he’s pretty obviously ignoring his constituents then, too. Or else he’s not polling at all, in which case he doesn’t even care what they think when it’s not election time. In either case, it is just further proof that Lieberman cares a lot more about hanging on to his job than he does about actually doing it.

3) Despite all his bragging in the debate about how much pork he’s brought home to CT with his Valuable Seniority, CT is ranked second-to-last in pork per capita (link via ifthethunderdontgetya). Now consider how many times Lieberman has helped out the Republican majority – surely he should have been able to call in some favors for his state in exchange for selling out his party? And yet, it looks like he didn’t even try. Either he believes so strongly in the Republican cause that he has supported it out of the goodness of his heart, or else he’s hoarding those Republican markers for election season, so he can cash them in on behalf of his true constituency: Joe Lieberman.

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  • 1. karmic_jay  |  July 13th, 2006 at 9:14 am

    Great post. I did nto realize that CT was only 2nd in terms of getting pork. It made me feel better about the state I love and loved in for more than 7 years. But as you said is that best Joe could get given where his piehole is?

  • 2. Eli  |  July 13th, 2006 at 9:31 am

    Thanks, jay!

    Even if Joe doesn’t give a shit about CT or the Democratic party, you’d think he would at least realize that more pork for his constituents makes them more likely to forgive his other sins, ie, “Yeah, he’s a lousy Dem, but he’s really taken good care of us here in CT.” I guess it just never occurred to him that he might have to make a case for himself someday.

  • 3. Anonymous  |  July 22nd, 2006 at 3:15 pm

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