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Oh, Don Virtual Piano…

This is just too cool.

Digital Information Development (DID) has developed a highly portable virtual piano that is played with a keyboard consisting of projected laser beams.

The box-shaped device measures about 10 x 3 x 3 cm (4 x 1 x 1 in.) and weighs about 100 grams (3.5 oz.). Using a red semiconductor laser module and holographic optical element, the device projects a 25-key 2-octave keyboard onto the surface in front of it…. A CMOS camera module and infrared… semiconductor laser module detect which keys are touched, and the corresponding notes are emitted from speakers built into the device. Chords can also be played, and DID claims it is technically possible to reproduce weighted notes (but presumably not with this version).

The keyboard has 3 other voices in addition to piano – organ, pipe organ and harpsichord. It is scheduled for release in Japan in November 2006 and is expected to cost around 15,000 yen (US$130).

DID says that a virtual 88-key grand piano can be created by increasing the size of the device.

[Source: Yomiuri Shimbun]

Just try not to think about how silly you’ll look playing it…

August 6th, 2006 at 06:49pm Posted by Eli

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Matt Stoller reports on the Lamont Sign Bandit:

Something along the lines of the following conversation ensued.

“Why did you take those [Lamont] signs?”
“I’m just excercising my freedom of expression”
“No, you’re stealing.”

At that point the perpetrator became uncooperative.

That dang First Amendment is just so hard to pin down…

August 6th, 2006 at 06:23pm Posted by Eli

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Wait… What?

By way of Atrios:

From a press release just issued containing a speech he’s delivering at a campaign event with Max Cleland.

Sadly, my opponent has done his best to distort my record, spending at least $4 million of his own money to mislead people into thinking that I am someone I am not. Not unlike what happened to Max Cleland four years ago.

Now that’s chutzpah. I think it’s pretty safe to say that Lieberman’s support for George W. Bush has been considerably more substantive than Cleland’s support for Osama bin Laden. Come to think of it, Bush’s support for Osama has been considerably more substantive than Cleland’s…

But that’s not actually what made me go WTF. Why is Cleland campaigning for Lieberman??? Why is any anti-war Dem (I’m looking at you, Ms. Boxer) campaigning for Lieberman? He’s stabbed Boxer and Cleland in the back on Iraq; he’s stabbed NARAL and Planned Parenthood in the back on Alito and emergency contraception at hospitals; he’s stabbed Bill Clinton in the back on Monica Lewinsky, and yet they’ve all supported him against an actual anti-war, pro-choice Democrat. I don’t know what kind of pheromones or hypnotism Joe is using, but if I could bottle it I’d make a fortune.

2 comments August 6th, 2006 at 05:37pm Posted by Eli

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We Pass The Shavings On To You.

Oh. My.

Chain of hat tips: Echidne Of The Snakes -> Majikthise @ RudePundit

And yes, it does appear to be a for-real Philips-Norelco website…

August 6th, 2006 at 04:57pm Posted by Eli

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Sunday Sorta-Softball Blogging

Well, only a handful each of softball players and baseball kids showed up, so we couldn’t manage anything more than some batting practice and a kind of every-man-for-himself simulated game. I had some bad drops, some nice cutoffs, and some strong throws in the outfield, and made a nice stop and throw to first on a ball deep in the hole at shortstop, which was kind of a shock, since I’m even worse in the infield than I am in the outfield…

2006 Stats: 16 games, .633 BA (62-98), 1.020 SLG, 13 2B, 2 3B, 7 HR, 38 runs, 32 RBI.

Career Stats: 43 games, .594 BA (174-293), .799 SLG, 30 2B, 3 3B, 8 HR, 99 runs, 72 RBI.

August 6th, 2006 at 03:46pm Posted by Eli

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