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Most Geico commercials annoy me, in that almost-but-not-quite-funny way that Taco Bell seems to have perfected. But I have to say, I find the Peter Graves ad quite charming.

I also like the one with the movie trailer voiceover guy.

Which in turn reminds me – this may very well be the greatest movie trailer of all time, provided as a public service for those of you who haven’t seen it already:
(I wonder how many of these guys there are…)

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JFK Food Court Blogging

So here I am in JFK, which is probably my least favorite airport on Earth, but I have discovered a redeeming feature! The food court in the JetBlue terminal has a wee Papaya King franchise!

It’s been a long, long, loooong time since I set foot in a Papaya King, but their decor is delightfully… hyperbolic (all kinds of stuff about how great their hot dogs are, and about papaya’s miraculous digestive properties), their hot dogs are delicious, and their Blue Papaya smoothies are just incredible (I think they have some banana in them, which is always a plus).

I’m going to have to visit the real deal on 72nd St. the next time I’m back in NYC.

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Monday Media Blogging

This was one of my all-time favorite videos, which I had given up on finding in the pre-YouTube era. I had all but forgotten it until Pachacutec mentioned Lou Reed in a recent FDL Late Night post.
Yeah, yeah, I know. “Okay, so he’s a creepy robot – so what?” Just give it until about the 1:45 mark, and you will begin to understand.

Oh, and speaking of creepy robots…

September 4th, 2006 at 07:34am Posted by Eli

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