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More Election Musings

I haven’t really had a whole lot to say about the Bush administration’s desperate efforts to legalize torture and warrantless wiretapping, in order to retroactively make themselves not criminals anymore. (Which is, of course, a tacit admission that they currently are criminals.) It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, it’s just very daunting in its scope, and I’m really not the best person to talk about all the legal ramifications. That would be Glenn Greenwald, who is absolutely amazing and should be read by everybody.

This is a huge turning point in American history, with the United States government on the verge of enshrining the tactics of dictatorship into American law. That congressional Democrats are not railing and fighting against this with everything they’ve got is shameful and a huge mistake. This is not about fighting against terrorists, this is about fighting for democracy, and I think they’re going to lose a lot of votes by shying away from this battle.

A few posts ago, I talked about the Democrats using Bush as a club against congressional Republicans trying to get elected or re-elected. But I think they should do the reverse as well: Demand that their Republican opponents declare how they will vote on the various bills to legalize torture and warrantless wiretapping. If the Republican candidates are trying to distance themselves from Bush, force them to back it up with their votes. If they pressure the Republicans to bring those bills to a vote before the election, they might even be able to stampede the Republicans towards sanity and the rule of law in much the same way the Republicans stampeded the Democrats away from it in 2002 and 2004.

Of course, the key will be to couch it in terms of accountability, core American values, and reciprocal treatment of captured troops (inviting enemies to waterboard them is not exactly “supporting the troops,” now is it?). Oh, and be sure to remind everyone that the warrant requirement is retroactive by 72 hours, since no-one else ever bothers to mention it. The Democrats need to use every lever at their disposal to stop the Republicans from completing their desecration of our national character, and Dubya’s lame-albatross status is one of the biggest.

As Brad R. at Sadly No! says, grow a pair.

September 17th, 2006 at 10:51pm Posted by Eli

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Sunday Softball Blogging – The Last Hurrah Whimper

Well, this was our last game of the season, and I totally sucked – I’m just useless if I don’t get batting practice before the game. I ended up 3-for-9 with 2 runs and an RBI. Basically I hit seven really weak ground balls, one bullet ground ball for a hit, and one bullet line drive to right-centerfield gap for a hit that probably would have been a double if no-one had been on base. Anyway, I lost 20 points on my average, and my slugging percentage dipped below 1.000 by one at-bat (or base). Sigh. This’ll probably be my career year, too.

Oddly enough, I didn’t get a single fly ball in left until the bottom of the ninth, when I got two, and couldn’t handle either of them. The second one ricocheted about 20-30 feet off of my knee, which now looks like it just had surgery.

Final 2006 Stats: 20 games, .622 BA (79-127), .992 SLG, 15 2B, 4 3B, 8 HR, 48 runs, 45 RBI.

Career Stats: 47 games, .593 BA (191-322), .807 SLG, 32 2B, 5 3B, 9 HR, 109 runs, 85 RBI.

A very dynamic pitching style.

I just love the accidental-giant-head shots…

Now that’s a swing.

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Buchanan Calls For Impeachment!

Seriously, Pat Buchanan thinks Bush should be impeached:

Republican firebrand Patrick Buchanan said yesterday that President Bush should be impeached for failing to stem the “invasion” of illegal immigrants across America’s Southern border.

“I think he’s committed an impeachable offense in refusing to enforce the immigration laws and in failing to uphold the Constitution by defending the states against this invasion,” Buchanan told radio talk show host Curt Smith in an interview broadcast yesterday on National Public Radio stations in Buffalo and Rochester.

Um… okay. So lying us into a war that’s destroying our military and our moral standing, and violating the law and the Constitution willy-nilly are no big deal, but not erecting a 60-foot electrified iron wall and laser-shark moat along the Mexican border is an impeachable offense?


Still, it’s good to see that Bush is even losing the batshit-insane vote now.

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Don’t Think Of A Painted Elephant.



A LIVE Asian elephant, painted in pink and gold, stands in a makeshift living room. Giant cockroaches swarm over copies of Paris Hilton’s pop CD. A dummy angel wearing a gas mask and a white parachute flaps in the blue skies.

Even in free-wheeling Los Angeles, they’d never seen anything quite like this.

British graffiti artist and prankster Banksy has opened his first Los Angeles show in an obscure warehouse in industrial downtown, bringing his subversive humour and anti-capitalist message to a city better known for wealth and self-obsession.


Tai, 38, looms large in a room decked out with a sofa, a television, rugs on the floor and a man and woman sitting reading obliviously on the couch. It is titled Home Sweet Home.

“We are sitting on the couch not seeing her. From what I understand, the elephant is a symbol of all the world’s problems being ignored,” said Kari Johnson, Tai’s caretaker. Mr Johnson said Tai lives on a private southern California elephant ranch and has appeared in several commercials. “The paint is non-toxic and washable and does not hurt a bit,” he said.

Banksy, as is his custom, was not around to discuss his show.

It was not known whether Hilton would be visiting the show, which according to local media reports, has been seen by Hollywood celebrities.

Alrighty then. I don’t really have anything to add to this…

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