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Commapassionate Conservatism

Conan The Grammarian speaks:

I like to tell people when the final history is written on Iraq, it will look like just a comma because there is – my point is, there’s a strong will for democracy.

My take on this latest spectacular display of callous indifference is that human lives just aren’t very important to Bush, not as measured against the glorious big-picture fantasy playing out in his head. You know, the one where a democratic utopia radiates out from Iraq and the entire Middle East, nay, the entire world, sings Bush’s praises as The Great Democracybringer.

On the other hand, I think Bush could happily sacrifice several thousand lives for a choice Starbuck’s franchising opportunity and still not understand what all the fuss is about.

This is yet another visceral reminder of why the Democrats need to retake Congress – so they can start turning that comma into some sentences. Long ones.

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I Feel So Much Better Now…

Arlen Specter is on the case:

President Bush is pushing Congress to put the agreement into law before adjourning for the midterm elections, but Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., said Sunday he “vigorously” disagrees with the habeas corpus provision of the bill.

The provision would allow legal counsel and a day in court to only those detainees selected by the Pentagon for prosecution. Other terror suspects could be held indefinitely without a hearing.

“The courts have traditionally been open to make sure that individual rights are protected, and that is fundamental,” Specter said on CNN’s “Late Edition. “And the Constitution says when you can suspend the writ of habeas corpus, in time of rebellion or invasion. And we don’t have either. So that has to be changed, in my opinion.”

Of course, Specter being Specter, he will ultimately conclude that the only acceptable resolution for this kind of affront to the Constitution is to… rewrite the law to make it retroactively legal. I have to wonder if his problem is truly with the Bush administration’s contempt for the law, or with the law’s narrow-minded reluctance to accommodate Bush’s brilliance.

Specter is like a DA whose genius idea to eliminate all crime is to simply make everything legal. Problem solved!

2 comments September 25th, 2006 at 03:35pm Posted by Eli

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Monday Media Blogging – Tragedies Of The Digital Age Edition

Courtesy of Pink Tentacle, here are a couple of videos that poignantly capture the depth and beauty of the world of physical experience that the age of computers will soon render extinct. Plus the music is kinda catchy…

September 25th, 2006 at 07:34am Posted by Eli

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