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Career Advice

Now that Rove aide Susan Ralston has resigned, I expect she’ll go into the lobbying business to take advantage of her A-list Republican contacts and all the tricks she must have learned from Jack Abramoff.

My recommendation: Entice White House spokeswoman Dana Perino into partnering with her. Call the new firm “Ralston-Perino.”

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Friday Quote & Cat Blogging

This week’s quote is from the bizarre and unsuccessful movie version of The Avengers, starring Ralph Fiennes, Uma Thurman, and Sean Connery as the bad guy:

“Talk to the pipe. That usually helps.”

And, of course, there’ll be other people’s cats…
Graveyard Kitty giving me the evil eye.

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I Hadn’t Thought Of That…

Eugene Robinson brings up a rather disturbing angle on conservatives’ outrage about the Foliasco:

I don’t think hypocrisy alone is enough to explain why the Foley mess is such a big deal. I think it goes deeper.

One of the central tenets of anti-homosexual doctrine is the notion of “recruitment” — that adult gay people lure young people into homosexuality as a way of increasing their numbers. The most extreme anti-gay activists perceive a full-fledged conspiracy. The Traditional Values Coalition, a group whose homophobia can only be called rabid, goes so far as to claim that, after being enticed into sexual acts, the “young ‘initiates’ into the strange world of homosexuality are to be trained to reject the moral beliefs of their parents.”


In any event, the recruitment myth helps explain why social conservatives, who make up perhaps the most loyal and energetic segment of the Republican Party’s base, are so up in arms. And that outrage, in turn, helps explain why the party has been so frantic all week, so uncharacteristically slow to come up with a game plan for responding to the scandal. Social conservatives were already grumbling that the Republicans talk a good game but never get around to addressing their core issues. Now comes this.

In other words, the reason they’re pissed off is not that Foley abused his position of power, but that he was using it to recruit more young boys into the Army Of Gay, the conservatives’ mortal enemy.

The storyline about gay staffers being the real coverer-uppers takes on a whole new dimension now. Obviously, they were all assisting Foley in his capacity as an ace recruiter for their insidious agenda.

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The Things You Learn From The Gossip Columns…

Coupla interesting tidbits from today’s Rush & Molloy column:

Rep. Charlie Rangel, former Mayors Ed Koch and David Dinkins and a few other Democrats were welcomed at Wednesday’s 10th-anniversary party for Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News Channel. But Rachel Sheedy, who handles talent at the Don Buchwald Agency, got the bum’s rush when she showed up wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with rapper Kanye West’s assertion, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Sheedy tells us, “I was approved and about to step on the red carpet when a woman from Fox yelled, ‘Get her out of here!'” Sheedy, who was promptly ushered to the sidewalk, says she expected “to raise a few eyebrows” in a crowd that included Bill O’Reilly and Ann Coulter, “but I thought they could handle it.” A Fox spokeswoman argues, “We didn’t care what she was wearing. She was thrown out because she wasn’t invited by anyone. She was a nobody.” Sheedy, who reps actors Malik Yoba and Ralph Macchio, maintains: “My name was at the door.”

Shocking. Republicans are usually such good sports.

Washington wags are tittering about the last line of an editorial in The Hill, a prominent Captol Hill newspaper: “[Dennis] Hastert and [John] Boehner need to get on the same page or Republican troubles will continue to mount.” Speaking of that sex scandal, FTD just announced its National Coming-Out Day Bouquet. The first person who got one: former Rep. Mark Foley.



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