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Scariest headline of the year:

Reinventing Menudo

If the recent return of such ’80s phenomena as skinny jeans, “Miami Vice” and a good Mets team isn’t enough to make you feel like you’ve gone back to the future, now comes the reemergence of perhaps the decade’s most important contribution to pop culture.

No, the mullet isn’t coming back. Menudo is.

The prefab, revolving-door boy band that set countless teenybopper hearts aflutter across Latin America and the United States throughout the 1980s – and gave the world Ricky Martin – is in the process of being revived, recast and reinvented.


…Menudo will be promoted through a pop-culture marriage of ’80s nostalgia and a decidedly 21st-century entertainment trend – the reality show.

The boys will star in a “Making the Band”-style series, in which they’ll all live together in New York City.

Let’s review the math here: Menudo + Reality TV = Ultimate Suck.

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Morticians Are Dead Sexy.

Didn’t see this coming…

Forget the foxy firemen of the FDNY.

The Men of Mortuaries, a group of flexing funeral directors, are currently starring in their own morbid calendar – and they’re hitting the streets of New York.

These calendar boys’ shots range from campy to downright bizarre, with plenty of dark humor thrown in. The calendar is the brainstorm of funeral-home owner Ken McKenzie, who created it in the hopes of changing people’s impressions of morticians: i.e., they’re not all Dr. Frankensteins. Proceeds will go to KAMM Cares, a nonprofit benefiting women suffering from breast cancer that McKenzie helped create after his sister was diagnosed with the disease.

Well, at least it’s for a good cause. You can order yours here.

UPDATE: How did I miss this?

What do you expect from a date?

“I want a date to do some research about what I want and what I don’t want and make that happen. Call the mortuary and ask “What does he like? What does he not like? What does he want to do?”

Ken McKenzie, Mr. June, 40

Um. Don’t hold your breath, Mr. June.

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