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1 Out Of 10 Ain’t Bad…

I have an early pick for the winner of Survivor: Bill Of Rights – see if you can guess who it is:

Once upon a time, Rudy Giuliani said, “Someone who now voted to roll back the assault-weapons ban would really be demonstrating that special-interest politics mean more to them than life-or-death issues.” Indeed, when the GOP Congress let the Clinton-era assault-weapons ban expire in 2004, Giuliani was among the high-profile Republican critics to denounce the move. The availability of assault weapons like AK-47s at gun shows and gun shops has emerged as a major concern for U.S. law enforcement grappling with terrorism in the post-9/11 era. Giuliani’s commitment to limiting access to assault weapons, however, apparently evaporated this week when he came to Seattle to stump for GOP U.S. Senate candidate Mike McGavick, who’s running against Democrat Maria Cantwell.

Speaking to a group of reporters at the Sheraton Hotel downtown, where he was hosting a $1,000$2,100-a-plate fundraiser for McGavick on Monday, October 9, Giuliani said this: “I don’t think [the assault-weapons ban] is one of the most critical issues right now.”


What’s most galling about Giuliani’s flip-flop on assault weapons is that his pro-McGavick stump speech was squarely focused on homeland security. “We need senators who understand that we have to be on offense against terrorism,” he said. “Cantwell’s ambiguous support for the effort against terrorism probably concerns me more than anything else.”

For someone who claims to be so vigilant, Giuliani’s shirking of his commitment to regulating AK-47s (which you can currently buy in about 15 minutes at Butch’s Gun Shop on Aurora Avenue North, according to a salesperson there) is laughable.

An al Qaeda manual entitled How Can I Train Myself for Jihad, found by United States Special Forces in the ruins of a training camp in Afghanistan (and posted on a suspected terrorist’s website in 2004), tellingly singles out the United States for its easy availability of firearms, and stipulates that al Qaeda members living in the U.S. “obtain an assault weapon legally, preferably an AK-47 or variations.”

Already eliminated:

1st Amendment (Freedom of speech/religion)

4th Amendment (No unreasonable search & seizure without a warrant)

5th Amendment (No imprisonment or execution without due process)

6th Amendment (The right to a fair and speedy trial)

8th Amendment (No cruel and unusual punishment)

9th Amendment (Rights not explicitly mentioned in the Constitution can still be valid)

10th Amendment (“States’ rights”)

As you can see, we’re down to just three contestants now, so we’re well into the special two-hour finale.

(hat tip to Atrios)

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