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Stupid Political Question

If, God forbid, the Democrats pick up “only” 4 or 5 Senate seats and, say, 15 or 16 House seats, will the Republicans and the media have the gall to frame it as a huge victory for the Republicans and another “mandate” for President Bush, rather than a clear repudiation and a bullet dodged?

I’m guessing that the November 8th narrative will be “Narrowly avoiding total electoral catastrophe can only be good for the Republicans!”, but hopefully I won’t get the chance to be proven wrong.

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Joefiles In Civility

Once again, Senator Lieberman demonstrates the gravitas and statesmanship that have made him such a beloved and berespected figure on both sides of the political aisle:

Lieberman generally found a warm welcome in conservative Naugatuck, but he was not conservative enough for Judith Busch. Sitting in a nearly empty beauty parlor, she told Lieberman that he did not share her strong opposition to abortion.

“You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to vote for my husband,” Busch said, adding that she can’t vote for any of the other candidates. “Ned Lamont is the biggest jerk in the world.”

“Well, we agree on that,” Lieberman replied.

Six more years! Six more years!

November 2nd, 2006 at 05:55pm Posted by Eli

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Vistas That Might Have Been

I’m weeks late on this, but oh well. By way of NYT technology editor David Pogue, some Windows Vista enhancements that didn’t make the cut:

As you may know from my previous blog entry, we have taken flack in the past for Minesweeper and the use of mines. Although we don’t have land mines in the USA, in many countries they are experienced in daily life, and not something to make light of in a video game.

So, for Vista we wanted to replace mines with something that people also wanted to avoid finding. Thus we came up with the concept of Mimesweeper:

In Mimesweeper, you uncover street intersections on a black and white striped grid in which several mimes are hidden. Just like wandering around Paris, the goal is to figure out where all of the mimes are without actually encountering one.

Unfortunately, beta feedback revealed a tremendous amount of controversy over the use of mimes. Although we do not have many mimes in the USA, apparently there are many countries where running into a mime is common occurrence and not something to make light of in a video game.

In the end, we pulled the concept and replaced it with a garden of flowers.

It actually gets better from there – I particularly like the statistical section on the “Safe Delete” feature.

I was also amused by Pogue’s nostalgiablogging of his attempt to upgrade a Mac back in 1989.

November 2nd, 2006 at 05:49pm Posted by Eli

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Greatest. Musical. Ever.

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that this may, in fact, represent the pinnacle of mankind’s cultural achievement:

Some people might think that you’d need to have seen at least one of Sam Raimi’s “Evil Dead” movies to appreciate this show. But not necessarily. Horror comedy is, to say the least, a highly accessible genre, even for those who don’t recognize and cheer the signature lines taken from the movies.


Like the original 1983 film, so gory that it was rated NC-17, the musical is about five hormonal college students borrowing a cabin in the woods for a short vacation. They discover a 13th-century book of the dead, accidentally play an audiotape of demon-summoning words and are soon being possessed, one at a time, by evil forces.

This requires Ash (Ryan Ward, in the Bruce Campbell role) to fight back with a nearby chain saw. He even has to decapitate his girlfriend, Linda (Jennifer Byrne), with whom he has just sung the romantic duet “Housewares Employee.”


[The] most rousing number, “Do the Necronomicon,” cheerfully evokes “The Time Warp” from “Rocky Horror.” But the musical high point is Annie Knowby’s doo-wop ballad “All the Men in My Life Keep Getting Killed by Candarian Demons.”

Truly devoted cultists may want to sit in the splatter section, the first three rows. Those seats are covered in clear plastic, and the audience may want to be too, although apparently half the fun is to wear a clean white T-shirt and spend the next two hours being sprayed with geysers of stage blood.

So much awesomeness, I can barely stand it.

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B&W Wee Backup Camera Photoblogging

Some more pics from my wee backup camera.

A coworker’s credenza.

It’s a giant stapler! If only they had had one of these at Stonehenge…

The cabinet knobs of my sister.

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