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2 comments November 28th, 2006at 07:47pm Posted by Eli

They’re not even really my thing, but I still think this sounds pretty cool:

The masters of the plastic universe are baffled. From their imaginations, their computers, from their calloused fingers, magnificent kingdoms have sprung. They can re-create the Seven Wonders of the World in a literal snap. But now they huddle in their model shop of Legoland California and contemplate the seemingly impossible:

How in the rectangular heck do you give a Lego bride a Lego bosom?

Tim Petsche considers miniature chef hats borrowed from a Lego kitchen set. Too big. What about a couple of Lego daisies? someone else suggests. Too weird.

Too bad.

Such are the dilemmas of grown-ups in a child’s fantasy job.


[Eric] Hunter and the other master model builders work in a Carlsbad shop filled with some 2,000 floor-to-ceiling bins full of virtually every piece Lego has created, in every color (that would include the seven shades of pink). Outside in the theme park, their obsession with detail is why a small black Lego rat can be found in the New York subway display, and why Secret Service men on duty in mini-D.C. all look alike and sport tiny earbuds.


His work is focused on a planned Las Vegas exhibit, due to open next spring in the park’s Miniland U.S.A. Designers expect to use more than 2 million bricks to build miniatures of famous Vegas hotels and casinos, complete with a tacky wedding chapel and Lego showgirls.


[T]hey smile at their own inside jokes, such as the home brewery that the model builders constructed and hid atop the model of the Kennedy Space Center, and the Elvis impersonator amid the crowd of mini-commuters at Grand Central Terminal. Then there’s the Lego body of Jimmy Hoffa, buried where no tourist will ever see him, deep within a column of the new Freedom Tower in fake Manhattan.

Lego bosoms? Lego rats? Lego Hoffa? Lego Elvis? Awesome. I also like the acronym for the Washington Metro Area Lego Users Group: WAMALUG.

I mean, yeah, I probably wouldn’t have a girlfriend, but I bet I could build a perfectly serviceable one out of some Mindstorms kits – a little strategically-placed bubble wrap, coupla really big Lego chef hats, and I’m sure it’d work out fine. I could call her Legolita – you know, like in that KuBrick movie with James Mason.

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  • 1. hisstoryman,Hunter of Da Snark  |  November 28th, 2006 at 10:41 pm

    I would love to see the resumes submitted. What does one write to get this job?

  • 2. Multi Medium » Thur&hellip  |  February 8th, 2007 at 7:08 pm

    […] I had Legos, Capsela, and Darda Cars.  Actually, I guess I made out pretty well – although I remember being bummed that I missed Transformers by about 5 years. […]

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