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Yes, we know Mel Gibson is anti-semitic and crazy and bad and we shouldn’t be putting money in his pocket, but the fact is that Apocalypto is the kind of movie the shadowy and mysterious Codename V. and I like to watch. And we both did, in fact, enjoy it rather a lot as violent escapism, despite one humorously unconvincing special effect and a glaring astronomical faux pas.

But the one truly WTF? moment in the movie was when this Mayan warrior badass, annoyed that his group’s progress has been disrupted by an act of nature, crankily says, “I am walking here!” In the context of what had just happened, it really made no sense at all. So the only thing I can think of is that Mel Gibson decided to insert a Midnight Cowboy tribute in the middle of his full-immersion Mayan epic. Makes sense to me…

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Random Airport Treo Musings

1) “Roller sneakers”: Cool, or the little-kid equivalent of a Segway?

2) The guy across from me just called his mom to get her address. Aw. I’m all choked up now – it’s like a Christmas miracle.

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Friday Quote & Cat Blogging

This week’s quote is from Monster In A Box, Spalding Gray’s hilarious-but-unknown followup to Swimming To Cambodia. In this quote, he’s musing about how the Russians never say anything about the lack of vodka in the Soviet Union under Gorbachev.

Do you remember the vodka? When will the vodka come again?

And, of course, there’ll be other people’s cats…

The shadowy and mysterious Codename B. prepares an ambush.

Light posting for the rest of the year, as I will be traveling for most of it.

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Good, Good.

Sounds like there’s a good chance Johnson’s going to be okay:

The attending physician of the Capitol, Adm. John F. Eisold, who examined Mr. Johnson before he was sent to the hospital Wednesday, said the bleeding was caused by a rare tangling of the blood vessels in the brain, known as a congenital arteriovenous malformation, that physicians say often goes undetected. The operation successfully drained the blood and stabilized the problem, Admiral Eisold said in a statement released by Mr. Johnson’s office.

“He has been appropriately responsive to both word and touch,” Admiral Eisold said. “No further surgical intervention has been required.”


Doctors who specialize in the condition said that in the overwhelming majority of cases the bleeding does not cause long-term damage, particularly for someone who showed the symptoms Mr. Johnson did. But they said the outcome might not be known for weeks or months.


Specialists in the condition, while emphasizing that they did not know the specifics of Mr. Johnson’s case, varied in their assessment of the likely damage. Dr. Mohr said that what had been reported – that Mr. Johnson could still hold the phone and walk – “suggests to me that the brain was not totally destroyed.” [That’s, um… encouraging?] Very likely, he said, doctors discovered blood that had leaked in the ventricles, which could be removed “with very little damage to the adjacent brain.”

“He was able to get up and walk around and report to a local hospital,” Dr. Mohr said. “These are the things that could make for a favorable result.”


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