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Friday Quote & Cat Blogging

This week’s quote is from Mannequin, of all things:

Women are weak, and men are strong – my mother wasted a lifetime of strength trying to prove that.

And, of course, there’ll be other people’s cats…

My brother’s kitty Squish, gradually realizing that something may be amiss…

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Program Notes/Travelogue

Well, the wireless network I had been using at my sister’s has pulled the plug on me, so I’m limited to the Treo, which means no catblogging until I get back to my Dad’s in Joisey.

Apart from that, yesterday was quite a lovely day. I took a bunch of pictures along the river between 10th and 30th (the riverside has been very good to me, photographically speaking), including Sanitation Headquarters (huzzah!), then tried to find Bobby St. Chomsky’s favorite pizza place on 30th & 8th. There were actually two pizza places there, and I’m pretty sure I picked the oldest (they had an old-fashioned mechanical cash register and everything). Their eggplant pizza was pretty good, but their pepperoni was disappointing.

Then I headed over to Flushing Meadows to meet Thers and Molly Ivors and their 723 children/demolitionists at the Queens Museum Of Art, right near Shea Stadium and that giant metal globe from the World’s Fair. The Museum’s feature attraction is an enormous diorama of NYC’s five boroughs, which takes up a full art-gallery-sized room. My inability to locate even the approximate whereabouts of my old apartment was pretty pathetic.

Finally, to cap off the day, my sister and I had a lovely time at the Atriots’ Festivus Dinner which res ipsa loquitur was kind enough to organize. Also in attendance were Thers and Molly Ivors, The Kenosha Kid, karmic jay and his friend Dan, watertiger, brooklyn girl, HoneyBearKelly, and a couple of lurkers whose names I unfortunately did not quite catch.

I’ll be back home for good Saturday night, so hopefully blogging will resume as normal, after I watch the Giants finish choking away a playoff spot.

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More Spamlet

Yeah, everyone on the planet is probably getting the same spams as I am, and wondering why the hell I keep posting the damn things on my blog, but just in case you’re not… I give you “round range”, by Bryan Graham:

Furthermore, a mortician hesitates, and a grain of sand is a big fan of the bartender toward the senator.

Another fried football team graduates from the load bearing mortician.

Suddenly I want to be a mortician.

Possibly even a load-bearing one.

4 comments December 29th, 2006 at 12:05am Posted by Eli

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