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NYC Day 2 Photoblogging

I know I’ve been photoblogging for more than two days, but now I’m photoblogging pictures from my second day in NYC.

Utility pole! I live for this stuff.

I took a whole bunch of pictures of planes, not-exactly-trains, boats, and helicopters. This was one of the few that wasn’t total crap.

I think the trees are powering up for their attack.

Welcome to sunny, scenic Jacob Riis Park! I think this is, like, the only tree.

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Thanks, Arlen!

Republican Congress votes to give President Gore/Clinton/Obama/Edwards/Clark the power to replace U.S. Attorneys without Senate approval.

They could make it awfully uncomfortable for Dubya and his cronies. Unless the Republican plan is to have their tame U.S. Attorneys prosecute corrupt Republicans really ineptly (but comprehensively) so they’ll be immunized by the principle of double jeopardy.

Probably not a great re-election strategy, but neither is going to prison.

(h/t Atrios)

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Juxtaposition Of The Week

Right-wing blogger Glenn Reynolds in yesterday’s NYT:

…Kennesaw, Ga… in 1982 passed a mandatory gun ownership law in response to a handgun ban passed in Morton Grove, Ill. Kennesaw’s crime dropped sharply, while Morton Grove’s did not.

To some degree, this is rational. Criminals, unsurprisingly, would rather break into a house where they aren’t at risk of being shot. As David Kopel noted in a 2001 article in The Arizona Law Review, burglars report that they try to avoid homes where armed residents are likely to be present. We see this phenomenon internationally, too, with the United States having a lower proportion of “hot” burglaries — break-ins where the burglars know the home to be occupied — than countries with restrictive gun laws.

Likewise, in the event of disasters that leave law enforcement overwhelmed, armed citizens can play an important role in stanching crime. Armed neighborhood watches deterred looting in parts of Houston and New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Precisely because an armed populace can serve as an effective backup for law enforcement, the ownership of firearms was widely mandated during Colonial times, and the second Congress passed a statute in 1792 requiring adult male citizens to own guns.

Daniel Pearl’s mother in today’s NYT:

IN late 2001, three months before my son, the Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, was kidnapped, he interviewed the influential Qatari cleric Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi, and asked him about suicide bombings against Israeli civilians. The sheik replied with a novel twist of logic. “Israeli society in general is armed,” he said, implying that Israeli civilians — including women and children, doctors and journalists — are legitimate targets.

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Money quote from today’s NYT lead editorial:

If General Qanbar and Mr. Maliki plan to continue shielding militias like the Mahdi Army, this new drive will be doomed before it begins.

This is not an if, it’s a certainty. Maliki is only in power because Sadr allows him to be, and the Bushies either don’t notice or don’t care. Any move to take on Sadr is doomed to failure, especially if it depends on one of his clients for success.

The three most plausible explanations I can think of for this doomed approach are:

1) Stupidity and incompetence. This can never be ruled out.

2) Looking busy. The administration wants to look like they’re taking bold decisive action while they run out the clock so Iraq becomes President Gore’s problem (“How’s that for an inconvenient truth? In your face, Captain Nerdboy! Heheheh.”).

3) Provocation. Create a military disaster that you can blame on Iran, so you have an excuse to bomb some democracy and gratitude into them.

A few thousand troops is a small price to pay for Dubya to finally achieve his lifelong goal of nuking the shit out of somebody. I’m sure the troops will be happy to make the ultimate sacrifice so that their president can experience a momentary erection. We could call it Operation Die-agra.

January 17th, 2007 at 10:19am Posted by Eli

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Wednesday Why-I-Love-The-Weekly-World-News Blogging

As an environmentalist, I find this story rather disconcerting:

MANHATTAN, N.Y.–The mermaid Azura surprised the Clean Seas Institute by announcing her people’s extreme displeasure with the anti-pollution group’s activities.

“Pollution provides the basis of many Mer-technologies,” she said. “You know, we still haven’t discovered fire down there.”

She explained that the sea-people rely on “reverse-archaeology,” wherein advanced societies’ artifacts rain from above for use in mer-civilization.

“Your license plates accelerated our development of literacy, and your soda-can rings provided our first currency,” she said.

“Abandoned cans and fishing lines have given us telecommunications,” she went on.

Weakened by her sojourn on dry land, Azura accepted no questions before leaving the bewildered activists.

“We’re used to resistance from big business,” said Walter Hargen, a spokesman for Clean Seas. “But to be reprimanded by the fish themselves–that’s taken the wind out of our sails.”

Clearly, we all have some hard thinking to do.

In political news, the WWN is reporting that Hillary has named Bigfoot as her running mate, but I’m very skeptical – she hasn’t even been nominated yet.

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Don’t Feed The Damn Trolls!

I’m not entirely sure why this resurfaced six months later on NYT, but I’ve actually been conditioned to do this since childhood, when my parents counseled me that the best way to deal with teasing was to completely ignore it. I became (and largely remain) Mr. Non-Responsive, and that actually worked pretty damn well.

Does that mean it’s good science? Probably not…

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