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January 22nd, 2007at 06:23pm Posted by Eli

Wow. The latest WaPo/ABC News poll is… dire. Bush is declining on just about every indicator imaginable, which means I have to bore you all to tears with some highlights:

o Approval Rating: Down to 33%, from 36% last month, with 65% Disapproval. A 51% majority gave Dubya a “Strongly Disapprove” rating (highest ever), while only 17% “Strongly Approve” (lowest ever – I think you can find 17% of the country that believe Jesus was a space alien, although it’s probably not the same 17%). Right Track/Wrong Track is also way down, to 26/71.

o Handling Of Iraq War: Very similar to Approval Rating, only worse. Currently 29% Approve (13% strongly), 70% Disapprove (57% strongly). Apparently 3% of the population were suckered by Bush’s “Surge” speech, because the percentage of people who think he has a plan went up from 25% to 28% since last month. Some bounce.

o Handling Of Everything Else: Flat or no history, but definitely negative on Terrorism (46/52), Economy (41/57), and Global Warming (27/61).

o Bush Direction Or Democrats’ Direction? I love this one. Bush Direction 45% in 1/05, 35% in 1/06, and 25% now. Good thing he only has two years left, or this number would go negative.

o Who Do You Trust? Bush head-to-head against Democrats on the issues. Slight downward trends on Iraq (33/60), Terrorism (40/52 – remember, this is supposed to be the “Bush Strong, Dems Weak” trump card), and Economy (32/60). The Federal Budget is the real eye-opener though: It went from 54/34 in Bush’s favor last May, to 28/62 against him in the latest poll. Wow. I’m not entirely sure what triggered that – the campaign to privatize Social Security is long gone, and it’s not like Republican fiscal irresponsibility is a new development. Best guess is that it could be related to all the Halliburton and general contractor malfeasance in Iraq and New Orleans. Or I probably just completely forgot about something – it happens.
o Personal Weaknesses: Bush is also nosediving on the personal characteristics that used to be his strengths, the yeah-buts used to excuse his incompetence and awful policies. My personal favorites are Honesty (40/57), Strength (45/54), and Good In A Crisis (42/56). Also, not exactly a personal characteristic, but he’s also dropped to 44/55 on whether he’s Made The Country Safer And More Secure – another supposed trademark of the Republican brand.

o What The: The country is apparently split (48/48) on whether the invasion improved the lives of the Iraqi people, but it has come down from 68/32 just 7 months ago. “Contributed to long-term peace and stability in the Mideast” (28/68) and “Encouraged democracy in other Arab nations” (36/59) have both dropped over 10 points over the same span.

o Other Tidbits: The Surge is still unpopular (34/65); only 24% of those polled considered themselves Republicans (vs. 36% and 35% for Democrats and Independents); and Bill Clinton is more popular now (61%) than he ever was when he was President. Whee!!!

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