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I really enjoyed today’s Robert Novak column:

When President Bush called for a bipartisan “special advisory council” of congressional leaders on the war against terrorism in his State of the Union address, he had in his pocket a rude rejection from Democratic leaders. Thank you very much, said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, but no thank you.

Three days earlier, Reid and Pelosi wrote a letter to the president turning down his offer (which was contained in his Jan. 10 speech on Iraq) to establish a council consisting of Democratic chairmen and ranking Republican members of the relevant committees. “We believe that Congress already has bipartisan structures in place,” they said, adding: “We look forward to working with you within existing structures.”

That could be the most overt snub of a presidential overture since Abraham Lincoln was told that Gen. George B. McClellan had retired for the night and could not see him. Courtesy aside, it shows that the self-confident Democratic leadership is uninterested in being cut into potentially disastrous outcomes in Iraq. It wants to function as a coordinate branch of government, not as friendly colleagues in the spirit of bipartisanship….


Bush made a mistake in attributing the idea to Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman, who as the Senate’s only self-identified Independent Democrat is estranged from his colleagues who are unmodified Democrats. These former comrades are not charmed by the prospect of Lieberman pontificating as a member of the “working group” by virtue of his chairmanship of the Senate Homeland Security Committee.


On both sides, the prevailing attitude is that Bush looks like a president at bay. Statements made to me this week by two prominent political figures, one from each party, were so candid that these sources did not want to be quoted by name.

The Republican, a ranking House committee member, said: “The president and his aides are irrelevant and out of touch, removed from realizing what happened in the election.” A Democratic state party leader said that “Bush is in such bad shape that the result of the 2008 election is already decided.” In that atmosphere, pleas for consultation go nowhere.

Sweet, sweet music… from Novakula, of all people.

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