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Go, Team!

As a tribute to the vision of football-crazy America presented in Joe D’Amato’s classic film, Absurd (AKA Anthrophagous 2), I am preparing for The Big Game by putting on a tuxedo and some spaghetti, and saying things like “Darling! Our team just scored a point!”

Hey, I forgot to watch SNL last night – can anyone tell me if these guys made an appearance?

And just because I can never see it too many times…

YouTube Preview Image

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Place Your Bets…

So, now that The Scientists have pretty much unequivocally stated that global warming is manmade, is an enormous problem, and requires immediate and drastic action, how likely is it that Bush or Republicans will address the problem with anything more radical than tax cuts for companies who pretend to reduce their emissions? How likely is it that the Democrats will pass a half-hearted bill that doesn’t go far enough, and which Bush will veto in the name of protecting business from unreasonable expenses?

Also, is this report going to be something that percolates into the public consciousness and fosters massive popular demand for action, or will it be a perfunctorily-reported-once-and-then-dropped non-story like everything else that doesn’t fit into the Republican narrative?

Does this increase or decrease Al Gore’s desire to run for president? Will global warming be a major campaign issue in 2008, or will it all be war and terrorism and gay immigrant marriage again?
I can’t say that I’m real optimistic on any of these points…

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