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Best. Movie. News. Ever.

Ooo… From an NYT Magazine story about “Bud.TV”:

[T]he Crispin, Porter & Bogusky ad agency is shopping a movie treatment based on the big-headed King mascot it created for Burger King, the one that pops up in the most unsettling places (like someone’s bed) to serve a piping-hot sandwich.

Oh, please let it be so. They can pattern it after V For Vendetta.

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Quote Of The Day

From the NY Daily News Giants football blog, of all places. For context, it has just been announced that the Giants season opener will be played in London:

London Mayor Ken Livngstone was asked why he was so interested in this game considering he’s apparently an outspoken critic of the United States. He proceeded to call the American people “great,” but said “Hopefully someday they’ll elect a government as great as they are.” That went over big in a room full of rich, American Republicans.

I think this reflects the attitude of a lot of the world, at least pre-2004: that Americans are great, but our government sucks. Unfortunately, when we re-elected Bush and his Republican enablers in 2004, we effectively endorsed and approved of all our their wrongdoing, and I think that really soured the world on the American people, not just America.

Hopefully the global community will see our dramatic repudiation of Bush and the Republicans last year as a sign that we’ve come to our senses. I suspect that they’re warily withholding judgment until they see what we do next year (or if we let Dubya railroad us into a war with Iran).

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Monday Media Blogging

Alas, the John-Madden-Mutiliating-Himself-With-Power-Tools sketch was not available on YouTube, so I’ll have to go in a different direction for this week’s sports-themed Monday Media Blogging:

A video used to be embedded here but the service that it was hosted on has shut down.
The plucky Burukian Gymnastics team competes in the Olympics. Sound is a bit choppy, but stay with it – the pommel horse routine at the end is brilliant physical comedy.

Question: I’ve noticed that the Monday Media Blogging typically does not garner very many comments. I was wondering if maybe this was because watching internet videos at work is… problematic? Would it be better if I posted it in the evening?

(Of course, you can catch up on any videos you’ve missed right here, through the magic of Categories!)

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Eli’s Obsession With The Google

#2 search result for codpiece beefcake.

Awww yeah…

February 5th, 2007 at 07:11am Posted by Eli

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Will His Perfidy Never End???

Free Image Hosting at

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