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Is Our People Learning?

It goes without saying at this point that the Bush administration is just itching to go to war with Iran, I guess because it’s the only thing stupid enough to make invading Iraq look smart. They’re playing out much the same script as they did for Iraq: The NYT obligingly repeats assertions of an intelligence community consensus, followed by a bit of show-and-tell to graphically illustrate the administration’s case – although in this case they used anonymous military officials and analysts instead of Colin Powell. I guess it’s hard to find someone with his particular combination of stature and total disregard for historical legacy or personal dignity.

So my question is, are we crazy liberals the only ones with a strong feeling of deja vu here? Or is every other reasonably sane non-amnesiac in the country saying, “Wait, I remember the last time the administration said that the intelligence agencies had incontrovertible proof, and it turned out to be total bullshit”? It will be interesting to see how the polling shakes out in the near future, and whether the Democrats heed it if it turns out to be, shall we say, lukewarm on the idea of yet another war of choice. It will also be interesting to see if Democratic opposition even slows the Bushies down. I suppose it would be too much to hope for that the generals (and admirals) might refuse to attack Iran without proper congressional authorization, right?

February 11th, 2007 at 11:32pm Posted by Eli

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Sunday Mr. Deity Blogging

From Joe. My. God, by way of Bigezbear, I give you…

Mr. Deity!

On Day 6, Mr. Deity decides how much evil will be in the world.

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