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Friday Giant Freaky Ocean Bugs Blogging

From Pink Tentacle, my go-to source for deep-sea weirdness:

This video clip from NHK’s “Planet Earth” shows the scene at dinner time on the deep ocean floor. The footage, which appears to have been shot by the Japanese submarine Shinkai 6500 in Okinawan waters at a depth of over 1500 meters (5,000 feet), shows sea-floor scavengers fighting for their piece of a fish carcass that has drifted down to the bottom. Crabs, eels and giant isopods (Bathynomus giganteus), which look like 30 centimeter (1 foot) long wood lice, join in the feeding frenzy that lasts several hours. Here it is time-lapsed to about 20 seconds for maximum impact. Itadakimasu.


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Oh. My. God.

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We’ve deployed Lance Corporal Nelson:

A Marine lance corporal cracked jokes and lifted the lifeless hand of an Iraqi civilian whom his squad had just shot, slapping it across the dead man’s face, a sailor testified Thursday.

The government called Seaman Recruit Melson J. Bacos of Franklin, Wis., as a witness in the sentencing hearing for Lance Cpl. Robert Pennington, who pleaded guilty Tuesday to kidnapping and conspiracy.


“When he was helping put the dead body in the body bag, I saw him play with one of his arms,” Bacos testified. “He took his hand and … made Mr. Awad hit himself.”

Bacos testified that Pennington said to the dead man, “Quit hitting yourself.”


(h/t Kenosha Kid)

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What I’ve Been Sayin’

Here’s me, 14 months ago:

Bush’s claim that he had to take extraordinary measures to fight terror is at odds with his resolute unwillingness to take ordinary measures against terror.

And a couple of days before that, talking about “the discrepancy between the level of anti-terrorism commitment the Administration pretends to have, vs. the level of commitment they’ve actually demonstrated thus far”:

Bush claims that the War On Terror is so important that he has to break the law in order to wage it effectively. But if that’s true, why hasn’t he put his foot down that Homeland Security funds be allocated on the basis of need, and not used for air-conditioned garbage trucks or police dog body armor? Why doesn’t he buck the nuclear and chemical industries to force them to improve their plant security? Why has he ignored all the recommendations of the 9/11 Committee?

As with torture, it looks as though Bush and the Republicans are only interested in “anti-terror” methods if they are illegal. For me, it begs the question: Is preventing terror attacks the end which justifies the means of violating individual rights, or are those violations an end unto themselves?

Glenn Greenwald yesterday:

One of the most notable aspects of the rhetoric used by Bush followers — particularly their shrill insistence that the Global Epic War of Civilizations/World War III/World War IV (or, as Gaffney called it in his column, The “War for the Free World [that] began on September 11, 2001”) — is how obvious they make it that they do not actually believe their own rhetoric.

They oppose any real sacrifice that would enable us to “fight the war” much more effectively (such as a draft or increased taxes), oppose virtually every counter-terrorism measure that does not involve either fun new wars or fewer limits on presidential power (such as the boring proposals for more rigorous port inspections, which these advocates of the $8 billion-per-month Iraq war have the audacity to oppose on grounds of cost), and worst of all, their constant prioritizing of relatively petty concerns over their vaunted “terrorism war” (such as Orrin Hatch’s recent demand that Alberto Gonzales devote more FBI and other law enforcement resources to combating the Evils of Online Pornography rather than, say, hunting down all the lurking Al Qaeda cells about to unleash radiological bombs in our children’s school houses).

They only get excited about their Grand Global War of Civilizations Which is More Important Than Any War Ever when it can be used to justify starting wars, blowing things up, increased surveillance on Americans, and breaking laws. Everything else — genuine measures to combat terrorism — bores them, and true counter-terrorism measures always are subordinated to their other priorities, whether it be tax cuts or the Drug War. The hallmark of an inauthentic belief is a refusal to sacrifice for it. When it comes to their Glorious War, the Bush administration and its followers ooze nothing but a refusal to sacrifice.

Great minds, and all that. I wonder how many more months it’ll take for the Democratic party to pick up on this. They don’t read my blog, but hopefully they read Greenwald’s.

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Note To Self: Start Flying Delta

I wish more corporations would show this kind of dedication to public service:

Delta is offering two round-trip tickets to any of its destinations to Oscar winners who keep their speech shorter than 45 seconds.

If this works, Delta should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Of course, they’d probably just lose to The English Patient…

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Friday Quote & Backward Puppy Blogging

This week’s quote is from The Matchmaker, starring Janeane Garofalo and Milo O’Shea (Duran Duran from Barbarella):

I wasn’t made in a laboratory! I’m a United States senator!

And, of course, there’ll be other people’s moonwalking pug puppies…

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Mission Accomplished

I think this is exactly what Bush and the Republicans want.

Between New Orleans and Iraq, it’s pretty clear that this is the last administration on Earth that you would want “rebuilding” your home.

The biggest drawback to being atheist/agnostic is not having the satisfaction of knowing that there’s a hell waiting for these inhuman creatures who corrupt and destroy all that they touch.

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